5 Best Gaming Keyboards in 2022

When it comes to gaming, punching the right key only sounds great if you’re blazing up the leaderboard.

The best gaming keyboards can be regarded as the best way to combine business and pleasure when it comes to hardcore gaming and mundane typing duties.

5 Keyboards to Rock Your Fingers

Not only do you require a keyboard that rattles like a rattlesnake, but you want it to respond and sting quicker than the literal beast. The best gaming keyboards should offer all the necessary features such as style, ergonomics, and of course, the most satisfying clickety-clacks.

Whether your pick is analog, mechanical, or modular, here are the five best keyboards to keep your fingers rattling for those non-stop marathon gaming sessions.

Corsair K100 RGB Optical

This mechanical keyboard is ideally engineered to be the centerpiece of your gaming setup. It combines stunning aluminum design, per-key RGB lighting with powerful Corsair Axon hyper-processing technology. You’ll be able to gain an in-game advantage with six dedicated macro keys, all fully programmable for complex macros and key remaps in iCUE software.

The sophisticated hyper-processing technology enables an advanced gaming experience that delivers your keypress inputs up to eight times faster with 8,000 Hz hyper-polling. With 4,000 Hz key scanning at your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to leave your opponents dazed.

Mountain Everest Max

Like being on top of the literal Mount Everest, this modular gaming keyboard will elevate your skills to the highest summit. When it comes to mechanical keyboards with modularity and customization, Everest Max ensures that you get the last word on any battlefield. Set your desk and enemies ablaze with the widest array of RGB features.

Everest Max keyboard features 16.7 million colors with genuine Cherry stabilizers. For additional synchronization, the keyboard is equipped with the trademark Razer Chroma RGB support and 3-Pin Cherry MX switch type. Every gamer flourishes under a winning formula, and Everest allows you to customize your favorite shortcuts, macros or hotkeys and pick an image to make them your own.

G.Skill KM360

The most affordable mechanical keyboard is designed to enhance your gaming skills at every turn. This tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is a compact 87-key layout keyboard designed for durability. Featuring wear-proof ABS double injection keycaps and a solid aluminum top plate, the KM360 mechanical keyboard is the perfect daily driver.

KM360 utilizes genuine Cherry MX key switches with responsive 2 mm actuation distance and a 50 million keystroke durability for long-lasting and quick gaming response. Cherry MX Red key switches deliver smooth and linear key response with a lighter actuation force and that’s what makes this keyboard a popular choice among gaming enthusiasts.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Just like the name suggests, this is one of the best light and speedy wireless RGB mechanical gaming keyboards. G915 features allow you to achieve super-fast 1 ms performance. It’s the same wireless technology that esports pros worldwide rely on in those arduous competitions.

Enjoy up to 30 hours of battery life (with 100% brightness) and non-stop game time on a single charge. The keyboard is available in three fancy switch types. You can choose GL clicky for audible click and tactile feedback, GL tactile for a gentle tactile bump, or GL Linear for a completely smooth keystroke and aim.

Wooting Two HE

The Two HE is an analog keyboard which many gamers will appreciate. It detects full switch motion with 0.1 mm accuracy that enhances your gaming experience. Swift reflexes are vital when it comes to gaming, and the keyboard is designed to deliver fast input consistently without fail.

The Two HE reads the individual keys and parallel scans them for the lowest possible latency and will update every analog key position in less than 2 ms. Many agree that this is analog at its very best. If you want heaps of customizability, this is the gaming keyboard for you.

Game On!

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