5 Benefits of Car Advertising

Marketing and advertising are an essential part of any business, but they can be both costly and time consuming. In your quest to find the best methods of advertising your brand, you may have heard about, and seen for yourself examples of, car advertising.

Car advertising is a great method of out-of-home marketing. It typically consists of vehicles being wrapped with graphics and messaging of a business or brand. Adverttu are one of the companies offering this service to customers. To explain the benefits of this method of advertisement, they have provided their top 5 benefits of car advertising, to give you a reason to consider implementing this into your marketing strategy.

Attention Grabbing

Simply wrapping a car of any make or model is certain to grab the attention of other road users and pedestrians. It is something that will make the car stand out and therefore grab the attention of the target consumer to take an interest in your ad and potentially interact with it. Colourful wraps and ads naturally capture the eyes of onlookers, which is exactly what you want your ads to do!

Reach a Wider Audience

With vehicle advertising constantly on the move, it is reaching more people than a standard billboard, poster, or digital screen. This allows for thousands of more impressions than any other form of OOH advertisement. Every movement the car makes, whether this is around a town or city centre or up and down the country, your advertisement will be seen. With widespread exposure and more interest in your advertisements, you will notice an increase in interactions.

Most Affordable OOH Media

When you consider the amount of people who will interact with your car advertisement, this is the most affordable and cost-effective method of out-of-home marketing. As opposed to paying large amounts of money to have your ad printed onto a static billboard or digital screen in a city centre, car advertising is a cheaper, alternative method which can offer even greater ROI. For companies looking to avoid huge expenses as part of their marketing budget, car advertising is a great option.

Mobile – Choose any location

Possibly one of the best benefits is being able to choose any location within your reach. Whether you want to raise awareness of your campaign or quickly acquire new customers, car advertising can expose your ad far and wide. All with the simple movement of your chosen vehicle. 96% of people agree that vehicle graphics also help to create a positive image of a company. This could be put down to the fact that seeing vehicles being driven with these ads wrapped onto them builds trust, and suggests there are people out there using a service and buying a product.

Create a Buzz

Car advertising can also be used to create a buzz around a particular product or service. You may have a launch coming up and want to cause a stir across your region to get people interested and excited about this launch. Seeing these advertisements continuously driving past will generate conversation and intrigue around your advert. Hiking the public’s interest in your company. All at an affordable price, with minimal effort required from you and your team.