5 Baby Essentials for City Families

Shopping for baby essentials is one thing, but preparing to rear a child in the city is another. You’ll need gear that’s streamlined to handle all kinds of baby emergencies — from nimble pushchairs that can navigate busy streets, to straps and anchors that stabilise the furniture in your flat.

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are five baby essentials you’ll need for city living.

Baby changing bag

With the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle urban living usually entails, it’s wise to keep all of your baby essentials in one place — and a baby changing bag is perfect for that task. The multipurpose changing bags on The Independent show that you can have function without sacrificing style. One relatively affordable option is the Vertbaudet day changing bag — which is sturdy, sleek, and has multiple easy access pockets. It also comes with a washable changing mat in case of nappy emergencies. With that said, a baby changing bag is an invaluable tool to add to your baby essential arsenal.

Portable breast pump

According to a discussion on The National Childbirth Trust, breast milk is rich in vitamins and antibodies to keep your baby healthy. However, there are times when you simply can’t breastfeed due to work or chores. Don’t let breast milk go to waste by expressing and storing it using a breast pump instead. Portable ones like the Medela Swing Flex electric breast pump are built for comfort, make minimum noise, and can run for long periods on batteries alone. That way, you can express even while outside your home.

Compact pushchair

Baby slings are helpful, but they can be tiring to use as your baby grows. This is why you need a good pushchair that is multifunctional and designed for city use. One thing to be careful of, especially for young families, is to end up buying multiple pieces of equipment that essentially do the same thing. Fortunately, today’s models are versatile with the single pushchairs featured on iCandy demonstrating how some designs allow for the seat to be used as a carrycot and a car seat. Ideal for those with limited space at home, and who have a limited budget. Sleek designs also allow for easy manoeuvrability, and many pushchairs even come with baskets and drink holders for holding your coffee on the go. This is incredibly useful when you have to run errands around the city, but also have to look after your child.

Sound machine

Living in the city means being exposed to all sorts of sounds which you have no control over. To ensure your little one sleeps through all the noise, consider getting a sound machine. The baby noise machines reviewed on The Strategist UK all play sounds designed to mimic those heard in the womb. For instance, the myHummy Simon sleep sensor comes in a cute teddy bear design. It even has noises like rainfall, ocean waves, and amniotic fluid with a heartbeat. These features ensure that your baby is in for a good night’s sleep every evening.

Anti-tip kit

When you’re trying to save on space, it’s common to stack items on top of dressers and shelves. However, this poses a risk to your baby, especially if they like turning your house into a jungle gym. As we’ve noted in our post on 7 Things to Consider to Protect Your Child, you should invest in anti-tip kits to prevent untoward incidents. Heavy-duty anchors and straps in anti-tip kits will secure any tipping hazards like heavy TVs that can injure your kid.

Starting a family in the concrete jungle is both exciting and challenging, so it’s best to have the proper tools and essentials to make your life more convenient.