4 ways to optimise your social media engagement

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The trick to understanding social media engagement is to avoid seeing digital marketing goals as a whole. Instead, narrow down those broad objectives into micro-level points.

In return, you can avoid making costly mistakes for your Internet marketing campaigns.

Here are four individual techniques to help you optimize your social media engagement:

Define And List Your Goals

A vague online marketing goal may look something like ‘to reach one million followers.’ That objective is achievable with proper engagement practices. But, the question is, “What are the steps to make that plan a success?”

Keep in mind that a clearly defined goal is critical for any business strategy in social media or otherwise. Thinking about the main objectives won’t be ideal as you might forget these thoughts. Instead, get a pen and paper, or open a text app on a gadget, and start listing those goals.

Next, define the steps that can help you reach those intentions. In other words, list the steps needed to improve your brand’s social media engagement. Perhaps, one of those techniques is to engage with sports fans on TikTok using fun and engaging video clips about team mascots. Another idea is to ask for feedback from your follower base that turned into customers.

Without that list, you might throw ideas into the air without a clear path to your goal. Hence, your plans might get lost as other thoughts will pile up, causing you to forget your original plans.

Use Paid Ads

You may be scrolling through your social media feed and found posts marked as ‘Sponsored.’ These advertisements come from paid ad services hosted by individual social media platforms.

Think of these ads as billboard signs that aim to let targeted audiences notice your brand and its offerings. Sponsored advertisements are excellent for businesses and online influencers, regardless of size or popularity.

Some of the benefits of using paid ads include:

  • Amplifies your reach to new heights
  • Fine-tunes the ad campaign to fit your budget
  • Enhances targeting measures
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Maximizes content marketing efforts

You’ll know when your sponsored social media advertisements are doing great because you’re getting several engagements from those posts. Remember, engagements don’t only refer to comments and replies that you get on social media. Other forms of engagement can be likes, follows, shares, and click-throughs. If you can’t seem to generate several engagements from a sponsored post, consider fine-tuning the preferences until you get it right.

Keep in mind that gaining social media success might not happen overnight. It might take several trials-and-errors before your brand can achieve fame in a specific social networking portal.

Review Your Posts

One way to fail at trying to achieve social media success is to continue posting content without reviewing previous posts.

It’s not enough to just post content non-stop. Instead, set a time and date to review old pieces of content on your social media page. Did a particular link you posted on your timeline generate several engagements?  If so, what about the other pieces of content?

Study the content on your page. Find key indicators on what makes the content you post interesting or not. For instance, one post garnered several reactions from online users because you uploaded it on a Wednesday at around 1 pm. But, one of your uploaded content didn’t receive a lot of engagements because you posted it on a Sunday at 10 pm.

As per the example mentioned above, time is an essential indicator to help you optimize your social media engagements. But, you might not know the best time to share your posts if you don’t review the content on your page.

Personalize Your Content

Some online users might agree that personalized content is king on social media. You need to reach out to your target audience in a personal manner instead of uploading content without thinking about the end-users.

For example, one way to ruin your social media engagement efforts is to post a URL without any description or statement that goes with it. But, if you add a few descriptive words to that particular content you shared, the chances of getting engagements will rise.

Some ways to personalize your content on social media for engagements may include:

  • Using polls to determine what your follower base thinks about specific topics
  • Encouraging followers to personalize your posts
  • Creating giveaways with specific requirements to win
  • Celebrating holidays with and bringing cheers to your followers

Also, remain personal online and offline. Don’t forget to stop and say hello to a follower that recognizes you from across the street. Ignoring these individuals off the Internet can become a surefire way of losing social media engagements and followers.


Put in the effort to fine-tune your social media engagement efforts. If done correctly, your efforts should pay off in different aspects, including sales and Internet fame. Also, take advantage of using free and paid tools to help you see what method works the best for your social media marketing campaigns. Practice consistency and perseverance, and you should see significant improvements in your social media following over time.