4 ways to determine the quality of rugs

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If you are standing on a busy rug market or a store, you might want to check the quality of these rugs.

A rug with the perfect quality might cost you an extra penny but would last for years. You would only buy a rug that worth its cost. There are a hundred types of rugs available in the market.

From basic rugs to luxury rugs, you will find anything and everything you can think of. But it becomes really important for you to ensure the quality of a particular rug before investing. Rugs are not something that you will buy now and then. They are costly, but useful products if you want to enhance the beauty of your house.

In this article, we have come up with four tips to identify the quality of a rug. This way no seller will be able to deceive you.

4 Ways to Determine the Quality of Rugs

Type of Wool

The best rugs are made from the premium quality of Persian Wool. A rug woven out of Persian Wool will have an amazing texture. It will be smooth and soft. Rugs are woven in countries like India, China, etc., are also usually made out of Persian Wool that is imported from Iran. Hence, the best way to identify the type of wool is by checking the soft texture of the rug.

Knots per Square Inch

The number of knots available on a rug determines its durability and strength. The more the knots, the better is the quality. If a rug has less number of knots, it means a looser weave. Most of the designer rugs have a large number of knots, thereby making them a better quality product. A rug with a loser won’t last long. It won’t be able to withstand a large amount of foot traffic and as a result, would turn out in a few days after its purchase.

Color of the Rug

The best qualities of rugs are made to use organic materials including dyes, insects, flowers, etc. Mostly, different varieties of organic dyes are used to make the colors for these rugs. Before purchasing a particular rug, make sure the dyes used are made from all organic products. Dyes made from organic products last longer and won’t fade even after rough use.


Another amazing way to determine the quality of a rug is by checking its details. By details, we mean the design and patterns used in a rug. It has been observed that the rugs with authentic patterns and designs are of better quality. It also means that the weaver has spent much time on the details of the product, thereby giving us a better quality product.

These were the four most effective ways of identifying the quality of a rug. If you are too keen to purchase a rug, make sure you follow these methods. Investing in a poor quality rug will only leave you crying a few days after purchasing the product.