4 UK businesses seeing success during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Although many businesses have faced difficult challenges over the last seven months, there are a few companies that have experienced success due to innovation and grit.

Of course, there are certain industries that have excelled due to the demands of the market over the last few months. Many online streaming services, video conferencing platforms, at-home workout accessories, PPE manufacturers, and other unexpected industries have naturally experienced growth. The companies that have continued to grow have something in common: they are committed to servicing the needs of their customers. In this article, we will talk about four unique businesses in the UK that have continued to see success during the pandemic.

1: Computech in Cornwall

Computech is a business management system that streamlines every aspect of a business. From initial manufacturing to the delivered product, Computech allows businesses to see every part of their process on a single platform. Since many businesses have shifted to remote working, Computech has created highly-developed solutions that allow synergy and efficiency to be at the forefront, no matter where the employees are working from. Because of the effectiveness of the Computech product, many businesses are continuing to employ their services even in the uncertain economic environment.

2: Gapsquare in Bristol

Gapsquare is a workforce management system that helps companies manage their employees fairly and efficiently. With an innovative mindset, the team at Gapsquare developed a COVID-19 dashboard that helps companies develop pandemic restrictions and regulations. Gapsquare is adamant about inclusive workplaces, promising to help your company manage your employees fairly. This type of innovation has helped Gapsquare continue growing during the pandemic.

3: Spice Kitchen UK in Widnes

With rich Indian roots, Shashi and Sanjay had a deep desire to bring authentic Indian flavors to their home in the UK. Although the idea for the business was discussed back in 2012, the business has boomed in 2020. With more people cooking and curating from their homes, there is an increased demand for unique spices and teas that can be used to create delicious dishes. Although their wholesale profits have decreased dramatically, their online sales have skyrocketed amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Spice Kitchen is leaning into this shift in profit and altering their messaging and services to match the current demand.

4: London Cycle Workshop in London

Over the last six months, the London Cycle Workshop has experienced more demand than they ever have before. With people looking for a reason to be outside and a way to avoid public transportation, there is an increased demand for bicycling gear. London Cycle Workshop has shifted their marketing strategy to reach people who are looking to avoid potential contamination from public transportation. This innovative shift has allowed them to reach a large audience.


There are many distinct factors of companies that are continuing to be successful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies that are excelling have invested time and resources into expanding their reach. Many companies are expanding their reach by buying Instagram likes that help their posts reach a larger audience. Companies are shifting their services to provide relevant solutions to their customers. The brands that are continuing to provide quality touchpoints to their audience will come out stronger in a post-COVID environment. It is encouraging to see companies across the United Kingdom see success through innovation.