4 tools for automating & promoting your social media

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Knowing how to properly manage social media platforms and also engage with the audience has become one of the most vital tasks for every business.

They may even hire professionals to perform all these tasks. As a user or a marketer, you probably have worked with different social networks including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Today’s competitive world does not let marketers to devote all their time to manage these valuable social networks.

Instagram have been designed to fulfil this need and save your limited time and budget. These automation tools not only let you to schedule your posts in advance, they would also help you to manage your social media account, reach new audience and interact with them.

Here, I would introduce four great automation tools including Instamber, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sproutsocial which help you to manage your social networks most effectively.

Instamber, a powerful tool to manage and grow your Instagram account

Instamber is one of the best Instagram automation and management tools through which you can engage with your target audience and save enough time to manage your Instagram accounts.

Besides, it helps you to organically gain new followers and reach your audience. Instamber Instagram robot lets you to have precise market targeting and find your desired audience through automated like and follows based on hashtags, locations, and other factors.

You can also send direct messages to your followers or target audience in bulk using Instamber and manage all your comments in a dashboard on your PC or tablet and answer them, delete unwanted comments and mark important ones to respond later. Instamber works as a real person but unlike a real person, it will work all day long throughout a week.

Its reasonable prices which is 10 dollar for each monthly package, makes it a good choice for marketers and influencers who are interested to interact with Instagram users to increase their follower counts as well as engagement rate.

Post like a pro with Buffer

Buffer is a post scheduling tool with better services compared to similar platforms which have made it more popular among social media users. Using Buffer, you can schedule unlimited social media posts and stick to your plan. You can upload your contents to its dashboard and it will automatically publish your posts in the time you have set.

Buffer also recommends the best times for posting in each social network. The platform has an interesting free feature namely ReBuffer through which you can see your previous posts which were more popular and if interested schedule them to be posted in future again.

Sproutsocial, a perfect social media listening tool

Social media listening or monitoring tools make engagement with other users effortless. These tools, as the name suggest, finds the places and people who are talking about you, your brand or products on different social media platforms.

Professional marketers would gain useful information analyzing hashtags, tags and keywords related to your business and niche in social networks where you are active in. Sproutsocial is one of the best listening tools. The refined information this tool give you can be used to improve your social media marketing policy and also content marketing strategy. 

A precise social media analytics with Hootsuite

The notion that says you should be active in all social networks to be successful in your marketing strategy has become totally obsolete. It is better to be active in one social network in which you are doing great rather than having a weak performance in several platforms; this makes you grow faster. So it is better to study different platforms and choose the best one by trial and error.

Through this path, you can take advantage of tools analyzing social media platforms like Hootsuite. This tools show social media users’ engagement when they are active and also the traffic that each social network drives to your website. Hootsuite also lets you to schedule your posts and its basic services are free.

All the above mentioned tools have their advantages and disadvantages. However what is clear is that a tool may be good for a business while it does not work for another one. These tools has been designed to help you grow. Choose the best one for your business considering your need and also budget.