4 Tips to Make Most of Your Lunch Break for Overall Happiness

According to a study in 2018 conducted by OnePoll, 50% of the American employees feel unable to take a proper lunch break. Whereas 30% of these employees eat their lunch at their desk everyday.

But taking a lunch break is so important, because we, as humans, are not built to work for that long. Did you know that we are only productive for about 25% of the day? So, what’s the use in working throughout your lunch break? Take that lunch break! And we have 4 tips to make the most of that lunch break.

1.    Watch some Netflix

Did you know there are plenty of special lists online that are made for your lunch break. Dive into another world and watch a simple and fun TV show. However, watching that on your work computer is not a great idea, an e-mail or message could slip through which can easily distract your mind. So, rent a Macbook or rent a laptop for these occasions. This is usually a lot cheaper than buying a new one. Nevertheless, it’s also better for the environment. Laptop or TV ready? Fire up your favourite tv-show and enjoy.

2.    The lunch hour workout

Exercising is one of the best ways to add in your lunch break if you have a really busy day. It’s an easy way to squeeze in some physical activity to your day. And if you work out during the day, you don’t have to set your alarm clock really early in the morning. Or you don’t have to go after you have finished your long workday. Most employees are too tired after work, so there’s a big chance they won’t go after work, even if they said so in the morning. But with working out during your lunch break, that’s not an issue any longer. The biggest benefit of it all: you’ll return to work with more energy than before.

3.    Start meditating

These days, it’s all about mental health. And we think that’s a good thing. The most proven way to enhance your mental health is to pick up some meditating. To some it may sound dull, but it really isn’t. You can easily download one of the many meditation apps and start meditating during your lunch break. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be alone in a room in some kind of yoga position. You can even meditate on a walk. As long as you’re aware of everything in your head and clear that for a moment.

4.    Change your scenery

Move away from your current environment. Whatever you do, don’t spend your lunch break at your desk. Because this desk is your work space and you associate it with work, you won’t get rest if you’re still near it. Get a change of scenery!

Are you ready to make the most out of your lunch break? We wish you the best of luck!