4 sites to keep up to date with Forex news


In the Forex world, if you snooze, you lose. To win at the foreign currency trading game, you need to be plugged into both economic and political news, you must learn to read the charts, and you have to be constantly keeping on top of everything going on around you.

This is not a market for the lighthearted or those who are only partially interested. It’s high-octane stuff, which is why it attracts only the most serious traders.

So, with that in mind, where can you source your news in order to stay on top? Here are four of the best providers who really care about supplying the world’s ultimate financial journalism.


Launched in 2000, FXStreet set about creating the best FX website for professional growth within the audience, regardless of expertise and competency levels. They wanted to share news, create exceptional resources, and ensure a high-quality level of information and journalism. If they could help traders to make more informed and objective decisions in the market, they would be doing a good job with their content.

As the site grew, they welcomed high-flying partnerships with banks, educators, analysts, data providers, and more, allowing them to publish the most accurate, advanced, and relevant information through excellent tools and charts. With market analysis, an economic calendar, and actionable webinars complementing the news and data, traders who visit FXStreet get perhaps the best free Forex content stream on the web.


What we like about ForexFactory is that not only does it aggregate news from around the world, but it does a great job of quality control, not allowing the stream of information to become too polluted. With several news articles finding their way onto the feed every hour, this gives FX traders enough information to go by to stay up to date without becoming overwhelmed by data. As well as a chronological feed, visitors to the site can find articles ranked by popularity, helping them to see which news is most important over the last day or so.

The website is targeted at professional day traders, as opposed to beginners, so bear that in mind before choosing this as your go-to. ForexFactory’s core mission is to support traders in the fight against misinformation, deception, and trickery by dedicating itself to the democratization of financial information. To that end, they’re doing a superb job.


If you’re looking for a super-stream of FX news, then Forexlive is the place for you. Updates come through every minute, though it’s not aggregated, it’s all hosted natively, which is a testament to the prolific nature of their exceptional journalists. Founded back in 2008, the site is one of the top Forex trading news sites, mixing live updates with commentary, opinion, and analysis. The target readership is professional day traders who rely on access to breaking news, charting tips, and superior analysis to stay ahead. When the foreign exchange market swings, it is sites like Forexlive that provide real-time support.


Launched back in 2002, DailyFX has become one of the industry’s favourite free news and research websites. Backed and powered by IG, it is a leading source for news and analysis in several communities, most notably currencies, commodities, and indices. Daily changes to the financial markets are explored, with fundamental and technical analysis performed on the latest occurrences. Promising chart formations and live currency quotes can be found, with visitors able to enjoy plenty of explanations and expertise throughout the site. Whilst targeted at day traders, beginners may find more value here than the other sites above.