4 reasons to hire a dedicated development team

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Hiring a dedicated development team is a big undertaking, but it can also be a fruitful endeavor for business. Development teams offer experience and a work environment that is already in place.

When hiring a team, you’ll benefit in several ways:

1. Dedicated Development Teams Have Diverse Skills

Hiring one developer has limitations in skillset. A person may know PHP, C# and Java, but if a client needs to have bugs fixed in Python or an app made for iOS, the developer will not be as proficient as someone with experience in these areas.

Development teams have an array of skillsets, and this removes the need to re-hire new talent or train talent in new languages.

The diverse skillset that teams have will benefit your business in the long-term. It’s not uncommon for in-house developers to work with dedicated development teams on larger projects. Dedicated teams can help bridge the gap between certain technologies and coach in-house employees when necessary.

2. Greater Flexibility When Developing

Dedicated teams will allow for greater flexibility. If a prototype needs to be completed or the in-house team is fully engaged on a feature update for a product, the dedicated development team can come in and be an extension of the team.

A specialist on the team can work with in-house developers on a SQL issue that is causing the database to run slowly.

Teams can also branch off into different projects while the in-house team works on fixing features for a company’s main product. When new releases are required with short deadlines, these large teams can step in and help startups reach the deadlines demanded by investors.

In-house teams may take over the development eventually, or they may allow the dedicated team to handle the entire development process for the near-future.

In either case, it’s beneficial to have a dedicated team to be able to call on when deadlines are approaching that cannot be missed.

3. Fewer Resources to Setup Teams

Businesses are already short on resources, and this is the case for many startups that have owners that have taken on several roles in the company. When owners are spending time hiring development teams, it can lead to potential lost leads and also a loss of revenue.

It’s a time-consuming process to hire an entire development team from scratch.

When hiring a dedicated team, businesses are inheriting a team that has already been properly vetted and put together. This means that there is a much shorter starting cycle to get the development up and running.

Little effort is needed when hiring a dedicated team.

The team is in place, you discuss your needs with the team and they will work out all of the logistics. Some employees may fit your demands, and others will not. But the dedicated team will take care of all of the hard work so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

4. Reduce the Risks of Managing a Team

The right development team will have a manager in place who will work on your behalf throughout the entire process. A competent manager will be holding internal meetings and meetings with the business to ensure that the project is on track.

Internal managers can speak to the dedicated team’s manager and reduce the time owners have to spend managing teams.

With a built-in manager, it reduces the risk that the project will not be completed on time or up to the expectations of the business.

How to Make Sure a Dedicated Development Team is a Success

There are always risks and obstacles when hiring a team, but there are ways to alleviate many of the issues that businesses have with dedicated teams. A few of the recommendations to make the team work for your business are:

  • Updates. In the initial stages, you may request weekly updates on the progress being made on the project. Eventually, you’ll be able to request weekly updates to ensure that everything is going smoothly and as planned.
  • One-on-one discussions. Make it a point to speak to the team’s manager each month to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s also a good time to build a close working relationship and to help clear any obstacles that may be in the way of the project’s completion.
  • In-person meetings. When a large-scale project is taking place and a long-term relationship is being built, it’s a good idea to have an in-person meeting. These meetings help everyone bond together and ensures that everyone fully understands the scope of the project.

Proper hiring of the right team and updates along the way can lead to a successful dedicated development team. It’s important to not only meet with the team and hold meetings, but also make it a point for the team to be a part of any of the successes that are being celebrated.