4 important child-rearing tips

Children are always cute and adorable and people who don’t already have their own children hope to do so in the future.

However, parenting is a very tough job that has the potential of frustrating even the most patient of parents. No matter how prepared you think you are for parenthood, it’s almost never enough as you’re bound to experience things on a scale you probably didn’t anticipate.

It’s very important for parents (and prospective parents) to understand that parenting is something that should be taken with all seriousness and no levity at all. Though each family could have a different method for child rearing, there are a few tips that most people would agree are a good way to raise a child. Here are a few of them.

Spend Quality Time with them

Everybody appreciates quality time with their loved ones and children are no different. In fact, children probably need it more than adults. This is sometimes difficult for parents if they have a regular 9-5 job and have to leave home every morning to be back in the evening. Even if your time is limited, do the little things with them. Have breakfast together. Talk to them over breakfast. At night, if you’re home on time, play a game of cards or ask them to talk about their day and discuss this with them. On this point, always remember that even the little things count.

Encourage Constant Communication

This is one of the best ways to connect with your child. Many times, parents tend to neglect their children’s feelings because there might be other things to worry about. Going down this road is a bad idea and should be avoided as much as possible. Encourage your child to communicate with you and teach them how to.

Also, you could find things that teach children how to communicate better like child-friendly movies or books. These books don’t exactly have to be communication books but when a child learns words, they use them to communicate better. Take advantage of the Children’s Books Sale at TheWorks and get your children books that not only keep them educated and occupied, but also helps them communicate better.


You don’t want to be mean to your kids so you don’t alienate them but it’s also important that you set boundaries for what should be considered as acceptable behaviour. When your child runs afoul, make sure there are certain punishments in place that teach them to shun said activity in the future.

Also, you should be very consistent with discipline and make sure there are consequences for bad behaviour every single time such behaviour is exhibited. In all your discipline, avoid insults and hitting your kids. This isn’t good for their mental well-being.

Let your Child be a Child

Children have specific behaviour that might be undesired by their parents but are not exactly objectionable by themselves. Children are messy, yell a lot, get dirty and love to play. It’s very easy to be upset especially when you have to clean up after their mess. But every parent must always remember that this is a normal activity for a child and should not be too hard on them when these things happen.

As expressed earlier, different families have their own ways to raise a child. But at the base of everything you’re doing, make sure you’re not hurting your child and you’re not going against any of the things on this list. As long as your child knows you’re available for them, they’d be fine.