4 Best Webcam Face Filters Software

Webcam face filters software helps e-commerce, education, video conferencing, and live streaming platform businesses drive user engagement, increase privacy, and boost revenue.

The WebAR landscape is beneficial yet not-so-obvious for multiple brands, so many companies are wondering if it’s viable to add real-time AI-driven effects to their live or post-processing video experiences.

Webcam face filters, animated backgrounds, video overlays, and multiple webcam effects – all these features can empower your platform and evolve it to grow. However, there are multiple market vendors offering similar solutions, and it becomes a challenging task to opt for the right vendor. So, keep reading the post to find out the core pros and cons, out-of-the-box features, and pricing of each solution.

4 Must-Try Webcam Face Filters Software to Choose in 2022

Banuba Face AR SDK

Banuba Face AR SDK is a software development kit with pre-made modules of cutting-edge AR-enabled features that include >1,000 facial filters, animated avatars, real-time 3D masks, etc. The software supports HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Unity platforms which makes it a one-fits-all solution for any product.

The key features of Face AR SDK include:

  • >1,000 of pre-made AR-powered effects
  • A real-time virtual makeup try-on solution
  • Purpose-wide 3D animated avatars
  • Unity 3D AR tracking technologies
  • SFX & voice modification capabilities
  • And many others.

Banuba’s webcam face filters software is designed for multiple business domains including E-commerce, live streaming, education, video conferencing, advertising, and even photo & video editors.

Brands that Trust Banuba

Bermuda, FaceYoga, MNFST, Gucci, Smilegate, and Tango are among the industry-leading brands and products adopting Face AR SDK.

How Much Does It Cost

Banuba offers a 14-day free trial to test the unlimited features inside out and decide whether you want to evolve your product with AR-powered webcam filters further on. Once the trial period expires, the pricing depends on the number of platforms, features, and users.

Snap Camera

Snap Camera is a world-known community-driven webcam face filters software designed and launched by Snap Inc. Released back in 2011, the industry-leading solution has raised >$5 bln and acquired over 270M of active users.

In contrast to Banuba’s cross-platform support, Snap Camera is a desktop-only solution facilitating Mac and Windows platforms and is available for free. The product offers lots of integration opportunities so that you can integrate it with Zoom, Google Hangout, Meet, Twitch, and even Skype.

Also, you can utilize Snap Camera integration in Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Google Meet, and Twitch.

The primary functionality of Snap Camera includes:

  • AR-enabled real-time 3D masks for immersive video experiences
  • Customization-full graphics and shaders
  • Audio effects and listeners
  • Custom AR lenses integration support
  • Collision and overlap
  • Raycast physics features
  • Wide interactivity functionality.
  • And many others.

The core technology of Snap Camera is AR lenses – augmented reality-powered face filters, effects, and masks that tune users’ appearance in real-time, add immersion, and emotions. The vendor offers over thousands of free-of-charge effects that you can integrate into your platform without spending fortunes on custom face filter development.

What Brands Trust Snap Inc.

L’Oréal subsidiaries like Garnier, Lancôme, L’Oréal Paris, and Maybelline are active adopters of Snap Camera AR-powered lenses which enable end-users to virtually try on new makeup looks and other product-related offerings.


ManyCam is a US-based virtual camera software designed specifically for chatting and live streaming experiences back in 2006. Supported by >100 mln users, the product serves a purpose for both professional- and entertainment-based initiatives facilitating desktop and mobile platforms. They include macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android systems which makes it an all-in-one solution for any platform-specific business.

The ManyCam’s killer feature is over 12,000 3D avatars, masks, and effects for both real-time and post-processing needs. More than that, the vendor enables companies to add animated GIFs, emoticons, facial accessories, borders, and frames to your video content for interactive engagement and fun peer-to-peer collaboration.

The product offers the next must-try features:

  • Invite Guests (Beta)
  • Virtual Backgrounds.
  • Export & Import Presets or Projects.
  • Virtual webcam.
  • Stream to Facebook & YouTube Live.
  • Green Screen (Chroma Key)
  • Multiple Video Sources.

How Much Does It Cost

The vendor offers 3 paid plans and a limited free version to test the software. The main differentiating features among the plans are the number of devices, video sources, and content quality.

Logitech Capture

Launched in 2020, Logitech Capture is a video recording and live streaming industry leader offering webcam face filters software for macOS and Windows platforms. The product is an enhanced version of Logitech Webcam Software (LWS) that boomed the live streaming market many years ago.

The core functionalities include:

  • Record from multiple devices
  • Switch between 6 available scenes
  • Vertical video (9:16) support for social media
  • Broadcast your experience in one place
  • Add live text overlays
  • Studio-style controls to customize your video
  • Camera customization to tune your appearance
  • And many others.

More than that, the provider enables customers to integrate with multiple live streaming platforms like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), XSplit Broadcaster, Twitch, and many others.

Why Adopt AR-Enabled Webcam Face Filters

High Compatibility

As we discussed above, most webcam face filters software vendors offer cross-platform nature which means you can run filters on most devices with a browser and camera onboard. This evolves your product to reach a larger target audience covering more platforms and decreasing the user acquisition cost in the long run.


Cross-platform nature also leads to both short- and long-term lower investments as developing a single web application is way cheaper than building several apps for each targeted platform.

No App Store Downloads Required

First, users no longer need to download and install a separate app which may negatively impact the conversion rate. Second, it helps your brand to avoid strict Android and iOS store regulations. For example, they prohibit listing tobacco or alcohol-oriented products as it may hurt users’ behavior.

Wrapping Up

Webcam face filters software is a beneficial yet not-so-obvious solution that can serve a purpose for multiple business domains and brands spending fortunes on custom app development.

We hope our list of market-leading solutions will help you make the right choice and bring immersive virtual experiences to your video content.