3D printers

3d printers

The mention of 3D and printing in one sentence describes the neck-breaking cost and uncommon invention, however, the reality is that 3D printers are very affordable and accessible, and it is one technology that any business would find interesting.

However, due to the many misconceptions that surround this technology, many businesses have found it hard to grab the benefits 3D printer would give by the rein.

Seeing the level of accuracy 3D printing gives compared to the traditional printing, a business needs to consider 3D printing for their production, it is not only accurate but also takes lesser time for production. Interestingly, a 3D printer can be used to produce anything, from shoes to sweaters and even eyewear.

A major improvement comes with a cost. Usually to have a custom-made product, moulds must have been ordered with several thousands of dollars and more often than not, a product may need more than one mould, this transcends to several thousands of dollars and this doesn’t even allow mass production, unlike, 3D printer that simply prints directly on any selected surface and thus greatly reduce cost. Certainly, this should encourage any start-up business to consider custom-made for their products which would not only make them outstanding but also promote their services.

The idea of the higher the production, the lesser the price, has been eliminated with 3D Printers, with 3D technology, you can have as low as one model produced yet at very affordable prices. This is an excellent improvement as a start-up business which may not be able to make hundreds or thousands produce at a time can still have their logos or product customized at very low cost.

Generally, the manufacturers of 3D printers are aware of how much expertise and precision that is expected from this technology, however, BCN3D Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of 3D printers worldwide. BCN3D is interested in changing the status quo of traditional manufacturing, hence it has invested so much on reliable, versatile and very productive processes, which makes its 3D printers game-changing.

BCN3D allows its printer to be properly equipped with a feature called the dual extrusion architecture, which allows the printer to print with two colours and materials and still have a very fine surface finish unlike 3D printers that only has one extrusion architecture, hence the need to go through a time consuming operation of filing the edges and support which many times reduces the quality of the model and in some cases even break them. Alongside the IDEX architecture that ensures the best quality is made out of the model, BCN3D Technologies can be absolutely trusted to give your business the best models.


Traditional production methods can without difficulty result in negative designs, and therefore poor satisfactory prototypes. Imagine a situation in which someone wants to bake a cake by combining all the components together, blending them up, and putting them inside the oven to prepare dinner. If the elements don’t blend nicely, the cake can have problems which may include the addition of air bubbles or unsatisfactory taste.

That is how subtractive or injection mould can be. You are not assured and guaranteed the end result. However, 3D printing allows the step-by-step assembly of the item, which guarantees stronger designs and subsequently higher satisfactory results.