3 Ways You Know You’ve Found the Right IR Partners

New data from equity management platform shows the number of co-founders establishing ‘prenups’ has increased by 500% over the last year.

It’s not unusual for investor relations teams to outsource their IR technology. Few departments have the time or funding to build proprietary IR tools.

Instead, they rely on established SaaS services to provide investor tools and analytics to support their IR platform.

IR tools play an integral role in your targeting and outreach, which puts pressure on your choice of partner. How can you trust these services and their solutions to elevate your existing strategy? Here are three signs:

1. They Stay Current

Knowing how quickly trends and technology evolve in investor relations, you need an IR partner at the forefront of innovation. Professional curiosity tempered by industry experience leads to functional solutions capable of scaling alongside your strategy.

In contrast, partners who are slow or reticent to improve their systems as new tech evolves will be left behind in the wake of other service providers, like Q4.

The experienced investor relations experts at Q4 immerse themselves in the industry, attending roadshows and thought leadership panels to ensure they stay current on trends, obstacles, and approaches within investor relations. In tandem with the recent launch of Q4 Denmark, a small team of local experts hosted Copenhagen’s roundtable on European and Nordic concerns.

Like an employee who regularly updates their skills and education, a partner that remains relevant during rapid digital acceleration adds value to your company.

2. They Offer a Variety of Services

Your investor relations platform doesn’t rely on a single strategy. It’s a composite of several campaigns and efforts — some with overlapping focus, others totally unique. It only makes sense that your choice of IR partner can help you with all of them. The best firms can provide the following solutions and services:

  • Capital market events support, including webcasting tools, event consultation, and event analytics.
  • CRM desktop tools.
  • Engagement analytics.
  • ESG websites and events.
  • IR websites for IPOs, SPACs, and public corporations.

3. They Are Expert IR Consultants

Finding a trustworthy investor relations company is crucial for informed decision-making. They offer expert consultation across diverse industry topics and services, ensuring your financial strategies align with market trends and regulatory changes. Trust is paramount, as their insights drive your investment success and shareholder relations.

As your partners, an IR firm should provide data-driven and experienced-backed consultations regarding any part of your IR strategy. Whether you have questions regarding compliance regulations for your website or how the newly adopted European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) will affect your ESG — you should trust your partners to steer you in the right direction.

Whether serving as ESG consultants or accessibility web design ambassadors, an investor relations company can’t provide industry-leading insights without staying current and providing a holistic list of solutions. As a result, no one single element is more important than the other. They all work in tandem.

Remember this as you shop around and compare investor relations firms. The tips shared here today will help you narrow on a partner that provides best-in-class IR technology & expertise you can trust.