3 Ways Technology Has Changed Schools

Schools have come a long way since the days of chalkboards and old-school projectors, and with continuous technological advancements, more upgrades are sure to come.

Technology hasn’t only changed the tools we use in the classroom, but actually the way in which we learn. Here are some ways that the technology within schools have changed over the many years.

SMART Boards

No longer are the days of blackboards and sticks of chalk. Today schools implement SMART boards, or electronic whiteboards, that allow teachers and students to access the internet, write with electronic markers, and save work that they’ve written out on the board. These new and improved boards have been proven to increase student engagement and improve overall learning comprehension. While they are a tab more expensive than traditional chalkboards–several thousand dollars more–they are perhaps the most innovative change schools have implemented thus far. It’s just a shame that kids today won’t ever get to enjoy the lovely sound of nails scratching across a chalkboard.

Learning From Home

Access to learning has also never been as versatile as it is today. Thanks to programs like Zoom, students and teachers can interact with each other via video conferencing to simulate a classroom. This has proved critical to continue students’ progress among the current pandemic. The internet brings other services for learning as well, such as Kahoot, Blackboard, Sterling Academy, and Rosetta Stone. There are also tons of learning games that younger students can engage with online. Learning from home via the internet is a viable option to help combat snow days when the roads are not safe enough to travel, this way students can still get their daily dose of education and have a platform to view their homework and assignments.


Many schools nowadays give their students Chromebooks: personal laptops that students can take home with them, allowing them to use all the online learning resources stated before, as well as zoom. Having a laptop at home also allows students or parents to check grades, attendance, and behavioral notes. Many school-issued laptops have operating restrictions that prevent students from straying onto sites that are not permitted for classroom as well, which will discourage them from watching Netflix or checking Facebook in the back of the classroom.

Closing Thoughts

There are countless ways technology has changed the learning environment, some of which were touched on here. There is no doubt that as time goes on and we continue to advance as a society, more and more innovations will be found in and out of the classroom.