3 ways drugs and alcohol addiction can affect your career

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Drug or alcohol dependency and binge drinking issues can directly affect your career and personal life. The effects of substance abuse or alcoholism can also show up on your workplace.

Overuse of substance of alcohol doesn’t destroy your career overnight, but you will feel that your supervisor will be complaining about your work more often and your quality of work will be diminishing gradually.

You may not be able to notice that your career is gradually slipping through your fingertips. The chemical changes during the drug or alcohol abuse will eventually show in your job performance. Listed below are the ways alcohol or drug addiction an affect your career.

Lack of Sleep can Affect Your Productivity and Your Body:

It is true that a sound mind has a sound body. Alcohol adversely impacts your sleep cycle. When you drink too much or abuse substance regularly, you may face trouble sleeping at night. Although you may feel that alcohol is helping you fall asleep, it actually impairs your sleep during the second half of your sleep time, leading to reduction in overall sleep time.

As a result, you face daytime dizziness. Feeling sleepy at workplace affects your productivity. The substance is used by many people to fall asleep or to stay awake. However, overuse of substance negatively impacts your sleep. The lack of sleep and rest can creep into your work performance. Seek expert help for overcoming your addiction in UK at www.help4addiction.co.uk

Lower Quality of Work:

Restlessness would not only make you feel miserable in the morning but affects your work performance, productivity and quality of work. Moreover, working under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to injuries and accidents in the workplace, depending on the type of job.

Even if you are doing a regular desk job, alcoholism or substance abuse can still be risky. The hangover caused by heavy binge drinking or drug abuse can show physical and mental side effects the next day at work.

Hangovers can cause you to feel unwell and ill resulting in poor work performance. Moreover, it affects your reaction time, decision-making ability and lack of concentration. Loss or lack of concentration leads to errors that in turn lead to losses to the company.

Inappropriate Behavior at Work:

Addiction can make you irritable at work which can further lead to conflicts between your colleagues and supervisors. Unreasonable arguments and bad attitude are dangerous for your career. You may begin to be perceived as a poor performing employee and creating negative work environment by your managers. Your colleagues may start complaining about your unprofessional behaviour more often and locations such as Phoenix detox could assist with your helping change for the betterment of your colleagues.

Moreover, sleep deprivation and sickness resulting from addiction can cause absenteeism, being late and tired, and inappropriate behaviour on the job. Such behaviour affects your relationship with colleagues and damage team spirit and morale.

Moreover, if your job is to engage and deal with customers directly, your behaviour can damage the company’s image and its relation with customers. You are more likely to be fired if you do not overcome your addiction and control its effects.