3 tips for creating a unique reception area

Reception area

Many people say that they do not judge a book by its cover; however, you must know that the first impression is the last.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, you must have a good, unique reception area to make a good impression on your clients.

Here are a few tips for creating a unique reception area:

1. Keep Your Entryway Clean and Clutter-Free

Visible grime is a basic turn-off for clients — it indicates you and your employees are sloppy, poorly organized, and careless to details. There should be an easy route to your reception area— whether it’s a front desk, a stage, or a showcase of the main product.

If you’ve open an office in an old building, with fresh paint, Laminate flooring, decent and sophisticated furniture, and light fittings, you can create a sense of freshness. If you’re posting signs, make sure the language is simple and optimistic (“We’re glad to help you whenever your phone call is over” rather than “No cell phones at the front desk”).

2. How Your Reception Looks Can Deeply Influence Your Customers

Many reception zones have water dispensers; distinguish your business by offering something really exciting and special — for instance, a carafe of berries-infused water. This way, you can establish some points of visual interest— fresh flowers, a well-kept fish aquarium, or an elegant painting. When providing books to read in your reception area, acknowledge your client’s tastes. Do you run a rehabilitation sports center? If so, your clients may have a greater interest in Sports magazines than business reports.

Fashion is a tool of self-expression; think of decor as an illustration to your reception area — a way of strengthening your brand image. This is probably the area where you can be imaginative, but it enables you to have an oriented concept of some sort. Too many overriding aspects can overpower the senses and generate an aura of confusion. In the design department, if you’re a little lost, probably consult with an interior designer or thinking about basic design concepts. You can contact Quick-Step  for amazing floor designs for your reception area.

3. Provide Appropriate Lighting

There are plenty of lighting options available in the market and the light sources that you choose to implement in your reception area and largely about what kind of mood you’re seeking. Clear, bright light gives people a sense of calmness, which enhances the attractiveness of shown objects. Small, warm light gives off a “homey” feel and can contribute to your practice’s aura and appeal if you’re looking for more of a family atmosphere. Nevertheless, lighting that feels and looks artificial — think fluorescent bulbs — often turns out to be harsh dry, and industrial and in a reception area, they usually do not go with feel and look.

Know that your lighting can make or break the look of your reception area, so ensure that you have the appropriate lighting.

The reception area can be the heart of your office, so make sure that you make it unique and sophisticated with the help of the tips given above.