3 Solid Reasons for Remote Employees Time Tracking

The world of business has witnessed a major shift in the perception of a productive workplace over the past two years, with millions of employees enjoying the benefits of remote work.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is under control, a large percentage of employees want to continue to work remotely.

This means that business owners need to adapt quickly and find efficient solutions to keep their remote teams highly motivated and productive during work hours. Including advanced productivity and time trackers into your workflow may sound like a perfect solution that will help you manage remote workers. However, employee time tracking is an unpopular practice among the workforce raising numerous concerns and questions like:

  • Is the time tracker going to keep records only during work hours?
  • Do you intend to use productivity and time tracking software to micromanage and control remote workers?

These are significant questions that need to be answered openly and honestly if you want your employees to start looking at this efficient tool from a different more positive perspective.

If you want to make sure that your remote teams stay highly productive but still don’t know how to track remote employees’ time efficiently and transparently, keep reading. We’ll show you how to make the most of this advanced digital solution without breaching employees’ trust or their privacy.

Tracking Attendance and Time Spent on Tasks

One of the greatest concerns business owners have when it comes to remote work is whether their employees will show up for work. Because tracking online work hours can be a demanding task, try using productivity and time trackers to keep accurate attendance records of your remote employees. These advanced solutions will track time automatically, without interfering with employees’ workflow. Furthermore, employees won’t need to clock in or out manually, this software will record computer activities from the moment it turns on until it shuts down. In this way, you will get clear attendance records, avoiding the possibility of human error.

Besides keeping reliable attendance records, you can use an employee activities tracker to record time spent on various tasks or have an employee time tracker with screenshots. This will give you an invaluable insight that you can use to make better predictions about future tasks and projects, determining achievable timeframes and deadlines.

What’s more important by tracking time on various tasks and projects, you’ll get a clear picture of employees’ time management, providing support and training for those who may struggle with specific tasks to make them more productive over time.

Eliminating the Need for Frequent Reports

One of the concerns that may frustrate remote workers is the fear that their achievements and work progress won’t be noticed. This worry may make them behave erratically, thinking that they need to answer all the emails and direct messages immediately to prove that they are fully engaged in their work. This misconception can harm their productivity and their health driving anxiety levels through the roof.

You can help your employees shed these concerns by using a productivity tracker that will show you the progress each of your employees makes on assigned tasks daily. This will eliminate the need for constant reporting, letting workers focus on their work and achieve set goals.

Getting to Know Your Remote Workers

The lack of in-person communication and collaboration is a major shortcoming of the remote work model. You may hire remote workers from different sides of the world without the opportunity to meet them in person. Employee time tracker with screenshots activity data may help you to get your employees a little better by giving you a complete insight into their working habits.

You will see when they are most productive, what apps they like to use, what tasks they’re great at, and when they usually take their breaks.

This information can’t replace the invaluable social interaction, but at least it’ll give you the idea of the people you’re working with.