3 reasons why your business needs a mobile app

Mobile apps are one of the most powerful digital tools available for connecting with your customers.

With mobile apps, your customers are inviting you to stay in touch regularly, offering frequent chances for them to purchase products or services from your company. With mobile ads, you are taking a gamble that the right people will see your promotion.

However with apps, you are targeting customers who have already subscribed to your company and are waiting to see what you’re offering. If you’re still not sure whether or not your business needs a mobile app, take a look at the top three reasons it does.

A mobile app can help create customer loyalty

When customers decide to reserve a table, order food, or process an order with a mobile app, they are showing your company loyalty. By offering them special discounts and secret deals, you are returning the favour.

One company that has managed to grow its business with an app is Starbucks. They launched their app around 2009 and have since enhanced it to offer customer loyalty rewards, pay-by-phone technology, and nearby shop location.

This one simple addition to their business model has earned them millions of dollars in interest income and reduced their credit card transaction costs. If a customer has a mobile app for a Starbucks where they can order, pay, and earn rewards and discounts, this is the coffee shop they will choose over any other.

A mobile app can boost profits

According to TechCrunch

, 34 percent of sales made on Black Friday this year were made from mobile devices. And in case you’re wondering, that amounts to about $4.5 billion. An app makes it easier for people to make purchases.

But like we discussed earlier, it also gives you a way to give them rewards and incentives for choosing your business over your competitors. It gives them incentive to hit that “buy it now” button without trekking through the crowds and waiting in long lines.

Another advantage of using an app is that their phone is enabled to receive push notifications when they are in the vicinity of your business. So, in case they hadn’t thought of stopping in before, they might be enticed to do so now.

A mobile app can help you analyze your business

Using a mobile app designed by a top app development company can give you access to a lot of analytical data you might not have had before. It can tell you which products customers buy from their mobile devices, how many times they use your app, and how much time they spend while on it.

A lot of apps even have functions that allow them to “check in” when they physically visit your business, giving you some insight into how often these same customers actually shop in person.

And you can also get information from them such as demographics, locations, and shopping preferences. All this information can be invaluable when deciding what works and what doesn’t for your business and your technology.

The benefits of creating a mobile app for your business usually far outweigh the cost to have one designed. However, it’s important to know your budget for such an endeavour and hire a trusted agency to help you with the specifics.

Once you launch your app, you will quite possibly see a spike in sales and gain a big competitive advantage over other businesses in your niche. Before you ever launch your app or any promotions on it, be sure you have the available resources to back it up.