3 reasons how live video chat can save your businesses

When trying to create a seamless customer service, video chat is crucial to improving your customer’s opinion of your company.

To become a forward-thinking company, you can create a competitive advantage in implementing video chat systems into your website.

And here, we’ll give you 3 reasons how video chats are a great asset to your businesses.

Video Chat Improves Customer Service

Video chat plays an important role in customer service. While many people created a huge fuss over self-serve support options, and there’s some truth that customers would have to handle their own support questions if they can, Gartner predicts that 30% of customer service interactions will need live action support in 2017.

Video chat works for this interaction because it will help you identify issues while building rapport agents. Agents can guide customers through confusing or complex instructions and can make a presence that was lost when your in-store staff starts to replace online shopping carts.

Employee Collaboration and Training

Video chat helps cut costs by requiring less face-to-face meetings, it lowers the bar for the meetings. Instead of using expensive in-person meetings, video chat opens up communication lines by making it easy for “virtual” and quick meetings.

Internal video chat systems help employee collaborate by making it easier to share information and virtually look into a coworker’s cubicle for a short question. Once it’s established in the company’s work culture, video chat can increase the information sharing and collaboration between your employees.

Furthermore, video chat helps with training. Imagine having a team of new employees that are still learning the ins and outs of your organization. Traditionally, these employees will learn the best practices through trial and error. With video chat, seasoned employees and mentors can provide guidance when new employees need directions or guidance.

Using Video Chat Sets Your Apart From the Competition

While only 20% of the top global businesses are using video chats in 2018, the majority of them are not. This gives your organization the time it needs to stand out and differentiate their customer service system like how Amazon has used in its video chat support system – Mayday.

Customer support is more important in modern marketing, and providing easier video chat for both pre and post sales will turn heads.

You can also use it to help customers remember your brand. About 3% of online shoppers remember text 3 days later, based on an extensive survey conducted by the Customer Care Institute.

Video chat is more memorable since it’s used to engage with customers on a human level. The survey noticed that within a 3 day period, customers who spoke to a company with video chat remembered the interaction at least 95% of the time.


Video chat applications such as webliveview.com are in the future for most businesses. And for firms that are planning wisely and looking ahead, it’s also a competitive advantage today. Start using it to improve communication lines within your team and convert new customers into potential buyers.

Do you have any ideas on using video chat for your business?

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