3 industries utilising PayPal in 2020


The growth of eWallets has revolutionised the way in which we pay for goods and services in the modern age.

Many people prefer the efficient, secure and convenient nature of online payment methods rather than using bank cards.

When it comes to paying for goods and services online, PayPal certainly leads the way and is by far the world’s most popular eWallet.  For example, has long been the preferred choice for gamblers across the globe. In other industries such as E-commerce and online food delivery, PayPal also tends to lead the way.

In this article, we will take a look at three industries utilising PayPal in 2020, assessing how each of them uses this eWallet service to their advantage.

Online Casinos

PayPal is the ideal eWallet for online casino gaming. The ease with which players can deposit and withdraw funds from their account means that PayPal is frequently the method of choice for both casinos and gamers. Fast and efficient, this eWallet should feature on all online casinos yet many still do not support the PayPal casino deposit method. Due to the fact that PayPal is a highly reputable company, only casinos that uphold the highest standards of fairness and security will be allowed to carry the service.

Whilst there is plenty of competition to PayPal for ruling the online casino industry payment method, this e-wallet service remains the most popular by far. Although other services such as Skrill, Boku, Zimpler and more are fast gaining a reputation, the reliability and quality of PayPal make this the best online casino payment method.


Throughout the eCommerce industry, businesses love PayPal because it allows users to receive payments from across the globe via a range of methods including website, email and more. With seller protection and great market access, eCommerce businesses enjoy quick payments with Paypal.

As with online casinos, PayPal offers e-commerce sites its benefit with the one caveat that the site must be highly reputable. Customers love the option to use PayPal at eCommerce stores and this efficiency and simplicity only increase the likelihood of conversion from the point of view of the businesses.


For both brick and mortar establishments as well as online food delivery, PayPal is becoming a staple method of payment. Users in particular love the option of paying for their meal via an efficient and trusted method such as PayPal. Without a doubt, the payment sector of the restaurant business has been revolutionised thanks to the widely-used and simple PayPal method.

The popular PayPal Here method for brick and mortar businesses allows users to choose between card and their PayPal account for payments, with businesses benefitting from the trusted name of the company. With PayPal Here, businesses receive a free card reader and a free app. As for online food delivery, restaurants can enjoy the PayPal payment method which brings added respectability to their business and attracts customers with its efficiency and reliability.

Overall, these three industries are benefiting massively from the reliability and efficiency offered by the PayPal payment method. Although plenty of competition has surfaced in recent years, PayPal remains the globe’s most popular method for payment.