3 Best Websites to buy Instagram followers in the united kingdom


While there are hundreds of platforms selling Instagram followers, you can easily fall into the trap of unscrupulous sellers.

Even though most of those fake platforms purport to sell real Instagram followers, you can easily buy bots that can ruin the reputation of your Instagram account.

With slightly over 1billion monthly active users worldwide, the popularity of Instagram continues to attract the interest of many brands hoping to leverage the growing population to get conversions.

As the craze to grow Instagram accounts continues to experience an upward trajectory, most people are now taking advantage of the demand to sell fake followers. It is against this backdrop that we highlight some of the most credible platforms that you can buy real and active followers.

#1. Boostlikes.co

Top on the list is boostlikes.co. Having sold Instagram followers to clients in the UK and other parts of the world for a while now, the platform is not only the most credible Instagram seller but also commands the highest market segment.

Regardless of where you are located, boostlikes.co can help fast track your Instagram growth strategy. From a simple and easy-to-use website platform to an automated order system, the site is ideal for anyone struggling to grow their Instagram account.


Boostlikes.co  features a user-friendly interface that can make it easy for anyone to order and receive Instagram followers on the go. A blend of automated order systems and visible display of various packages not only makes it easy for you to identify a package that suits your needs but also scrutinize and access the one that you want.

Unlike other platforms that have an opaque operating system, boostlikes.co  comes with a clear order system that makes it easy for users to identify and choose what they want.

Money-back guarantee

If you are worried about losing money on unscrupulous platforms then boostlikes.co offers an ultimate solution. Should you fail to be satisfied with the service offered then be rest assured to get a refund as soon as you request. This guarantees honesty for all undertakings done on the platform.

All you need is to contact customer support so that any issue you raise can be handled as soon as possible. It is against this backdrop that boostlikes.co  has been operational for a while without getting complaints from customers.

24hr Service

Whether you wake up in the middle of the night or any time of the day, you can easily place an order and have it processed instantly. Therefore if you are stuck on how to grow your Instagram account, it’s high time you consider buying followers from the platform.

Responsive support

Do you find yourself having issues with your order on other platforms but lack anyone to respond to your queries? Unlike such platforms that take customers for granted, boostlikes.co has responsive customer support that can respond to your queries at any given time.

All you need is to reach out through the website’s chat system and your issue will be addressed in real-time.

#2. Instapple.co.uk

Another notable platform that we have considered on the list is instapple.co.uk.  The platform offers an array of packages for various platforms. Ranging from YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram followers and many others, instapple.co.uk is not only one of the most credible sellers of Instagram followers but also reliable.

Whether you are located in the UK or any other part of the world, you can easily increase your Instagram follower count thanks to the trustworthiness of the platform.


Instapple.co.uk  features a well-optimized online platform complete with a clear display of various social media packages. This not only makes it easy to access and place an order but also communicate directly with customer support. If you are yet to decide on the most ideal platform that you can buy Instagram followers, we recommend that you choose Instapple.

Money-back Guarantee

Instapple not only offers quality services but also issues refunds for unsatisfied customers. The bottom line is that the platform places more emphasis on customer satisfaction. Unlike other unscrupulous platforms where you can easily lose your money,  Instapple has put in place checks and balances that ensure every party is satisfied.

Customer service

In terms of excellent customer service, you can always count on instapple.co.uk. Combining both online chat support and technical support, you are rest assured to get quick assistance should anything go wrong with your order.

With Instapple, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service that you may never have experienced before. As such, if you are just starting with your Instagram account and stuck on how to get more followers, you should consider placing an order on the platform.

#3. Smartlikes.co.uk

Our list is not complete without mentioning smartlikes.co.uk. If you are thinking about buying the UK targeted Instagram followers then smartlikes.co.uk is a perfect platform that you should consider.

With an array of services, you can rest assured of getting real and active Instagram followers from the platform. In the event that you are unsatisfied with the services offered, you can always request a refund. The bottom line is that you can easily revamp your Instagram profile by buying real and active followers from the platform.


Just like other credible websites mentioned in this article,smartlikes.co.uk comes with a user-friendly interface that not only makes it easy for users to link up with support but also place and receive their orders instantly.

The services offered are displayed making it easy for you to select a package of your choice. The transparency and responsive nature of the platform is what makes it outstanding. This means you can place your order and have it processed in real-time without the back and forth kind of experience associated with other platforms.

24hr service

You can have your order processed at any given time if you opt to order for Instagram followers. However, in case you experience technical problems with your order, the platform has a responsive team that can help you instantly.

These are some of the qualities that have convinced us to include smartlikes.co.uk   among the best platforms that one can buy real and active Instagram followers.

Fast order processing

Depending on the number of Instagram followers you want for your account,smartlikes.co.uk has an automated order processing system that ensures orders are processed in real-time. Nevertheless, the order processing period may be determined by the number of followers you request for.

In other words, the larger the number of Instagram followers you request for your account, the longer the duration. Typically, it takes just 30 minutes to receive your Instagram followers.


Many brands, influencers, and celebrities now buy Instagram followers to grow their accounts. While buying Instagram followers is the surest way of fast-tracking your Instagram growth strategy, you need to buy followers from a credible platform.

Failure to get real followers may not only hurt your growth strategy but also injure your reputation. For example, how do you expect to achieve with thousands of Instagram followers and zero engagement? This comes as a result of buying bots which can pose a great risk to your Instagram account. In that regard, we highly recommend the websites highlighted in this article to help jump-start your growth strategy.