3 Benefits of Using an Akko Mechanical Keyboard

Finding the right keyboard for your computer can be challenging.

With numerous options available on the market today, it’s hard to know which keyboard will fit your work style and preferences. Options include wired versus wireless, 10-key, backlit, key types, sizes, colors, shortcut keys, and ergonomic layouts.

Before you dive into the endless options, it’s important to select the right keyboard type. One of the most popular options is a mechanical keyboard. Benefits of a mechanical keyboard include:

  • Tactile Feedback – Most mechanical keyboards provide a noticeable tactile feeling when pressing the keys making it a pleasant typing experience.
  • Durability – Mechanical keyboards are usually rated to handle millions of keystrokes over their lifetime making them more durable than membrane keyboards.
  • Customization – Mechanical keyboards allow for keycaps and other components to be changed to alter the functionality or look of your keyboard.
  • Improved Typing Speed – The tactile mechanism on mechanical keyboards allows for faster typing speeds. This is especially important for gamers that need fast response time and the ability to press more than one key at a time (without ghosting).
  • Ergonomics and Reduced Finger Fatigue – Mechanical keyboards require less finger pressure per keystroke reducing the amount of strain that is placed on the fingers and hands.

3 Benefits of Selecting an Akko Mechanical Keyboard

Few keyboards can compete with the quality and performance of mechanical keyboards produced by Akko. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider selecting an Akko model for your next mechanical keyboard.

1. Keyboard Varieties

Akko strives to provide the widest selection of keyboard shapes, sizes, and designs for their users. They understand that everyone has different needs. While other brands typically have one or two primary keyboard sizes, Akko offers a comprehensive selection of various keyboard sizes including 108-Key (Full Size), 98-Key, 100-Key (96%), 87-Key (TKL), 84-Key (75%), 68-Key (65%), Alice, 61-Key (60%) arrangements to fit any users.

In addition, they have a number of keycap profile varieties including OEM, Cherry, OSA, ASA and ASA-Low. Most keyboards are available in both ANSI and ISO standards.

2. Personalization Options

Customizing a mechanical keyboard gives you the freedom to express yourself and create a keyboard that is unique to your style. Akko has a wide range of fully assembled keyboards that allow you to replace any key you want. Or, for the more adventurous, you can create your own signature typing experience with our DIY (Do It Yourself) kits like the Monsgeek M1 DIY Kit.

You have complete control to choose from dozens of keycap types, colors, novelty icons, and key switches. Akko also produces keyboards based on popular themes like Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Gudetama, and SpongeBob. The possibilities are endless!

3. High-Quality Components

Akko mechanical keyboards are constructed from carefully selected components that are designed to endure thousands of hours of use. Keyboard cases come in various materials including acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, and ultra-durable aluminum.

Akko keyboards also include carefully thought out functionality and clever designs including adjustable typing angles, RGB backlit, Mac/Win switch, and macro knobs.

Customize Your Computing Experience


believes in bringing its customers the very best in peripheral computer equipment. In addition to their industry-leading mechanical keyboards, Akko provides a full line of products including mice, mouse pads, cables, wrist rests, and stabilizers to make your computing experience one of a kind. Check out our collection of products today!