17 Best Esco Bar Flavors You Must Try in 2024

Trying a different vape brand is a great way to shake things up at the beginning of a new year

Trying a different vape brand is a great way to shake things up at the beginning of a new year

With the rise of draw-activated devices stocked with tasty nicotine salt, e-juice disposables have become more technologically advanced. Adult vapers are flocking to these gadgets. When it comes to disposable vaporizers, Esco Bar is a top pick.

If you are seeking to learn about the most delicious flavors offered by this brand, you have come to the correct place. Read on as we look at the 18 Best Esco Bar flavors of 2024.

Quick Summary

With so many options, narrowing your taste buds might be difficult, but these carefully selected items should assist. We have listed the 17 best Esco Bar flavors based on user reviews, search terms, sales, and expert advice:

●      Pink Lemonade

●      Lemon Drops

●      Orange Limeade

●      Rainbow

●      Banana Ice

●      Grape Ice

●      Blue Razz Cotton candy

●      Mango Ice

●      Gummy Bear

●      Watermelon Ice

●      Red Apple

●      Blue Raspberry

●      Lychee Ice

●      Peach Ice

●      Bubblegum Ice

●      Strawberry Cream

●      Strawberry Ice

●      Strawberry Banana

17 Best Esco Bar Flavors (Tastes You Cannot Refuse)

Esco Bar is available in a wide variety of flavors, as we said before. Although each flavor is delicious, our favorite Esco bar flavors are as follows.

1.   Pink Lemonade

You may like the disposable vape flavoring Esco Bars Pink Lemonade if you like pink drinks. Who needs a glass of pink lemonade when you can experience it in vape form?


You won’t get sick of the delightful blend of the sweet pink taste and the zesty lemon undertones. Take this taste with you on your next getaway or when you need a pick-me-up in the dead of winter.

2.   Lemon Drops

You can taste the tart lemon sweet in Esco Bars Lemon Drops. Nothing about this is acidic or sour. Instead, it tastes like sugary lemonade.


Inhale deeply this tart lemon candy e-juice bursting with a lovely lemon core that will pucker your lips. As you exhale, savor the perfectly balanced sweetness and let a grin spread over your face.

3.   Orange Limeade

Orange limeade from Esco Bars mostly tastes like lime with a little orange mélange for the body. This is a perfect pairing if you love citrus fruits and lime. It’s pleasant, not frigid, thanks to the little amount of ice.

4.   Rainbow

We recommend the EscoBar rainbow flavor if you’re in the mood for a flavor explosion.


Giving you a delightful and sugary interpretation of what the rainbow would taste like, it delivers a delectable blend of candy berries and sweet fruit. This taste is perfect for those always looking for something sweet to consume.

5.   Banana Ice

Imagine you were to construct a mountaintop dwelling entirely out of ice and snow. There would be a chamber with a throne, and the throne itself would be nice. You sit on your royal throne, make a wish, and suddenly, Banana Ice Esco Bar materializes before your own eyes.


The flavor is instantly recognizable as banana popsicles the moment you take it. As if by magic, you now have a banana popsicle stick that will never melt.

6.   Grape Ice

Delicious and rich with a deep purple grape taste, the Grape Ice flavor is a real treat. It’s refreshing and one of the greatest grape tastes ever.

7.   Blue Razz Cotton Candy

It is more accurate to say that the taste of Esco Bar Blue Razz Cotton Candy is either Blue Razz Ice or Chilled Blue Razz. This is refreshing, light, and delicious. This obscure one has far higher-quality taste compared to the most popular throwaway brands. Try them out; we think you’ll love them.

8.   Mango Ice

Mango Ice Eso Bar is smooth and mellow with a gently chilled tropical mango taste. This sweet, refreshing concoction combines the powerful mango flavor with the cold menthol aftertaste.

9.   Gummy Bear

You could think you’re biting into a gummy bear when you eat these White Gummy Esco Bars. While indulging in this taste, you’ll be whisked away to a bygone era of carefree childhood nostalgia. If you like a milder flavor, it’s the way to go.

10.  Watermelon Ice

delightful and reminiscent of ripe watermelon, Esco Bar Watermelon Ice adds a lovely touch with ice. Savor the luscious sensations of luscious watermelon with every inhalation; it’s a delicious and moisturizing rush of natural sweetness. The refreshing ice component appears as the mist persists, bringing a reviving and invigorating experience that harmonizes with the watermelon to perfection.

11.  Red Apple

The crisp red apple taste of Esco Bar Red Apple is delicious. The combination of the sugar and the cool ice makes this a perfect drink. If you’re a fan of Fuji Apple and think it’s cool, this is a perfect fit.

12. Blue Raspberry

Esco Bar Blue Raspberry stands out compared to other blue raspberry tastes. It’s not as sugary as other brands, so it could be what you’re looking for. It’s completely devoid of ice. If you like blue razz and are seeking a high-quality bar, we highly suggest trying this particular Esco Bar flavor.

13. Bubblegum Ice

Regarding disposable Esco Bar Mesh, Bubblegum Ice is by far the most popular flavor. There is considerable demand for tastes that combine candy’s sugariness with menthol’s cooling sensation.

14. Strawberry Ice

This is just one more proof that popular taste combinations are the key to successful goods. This disposable Esco Bar flavor isn’t quite as sugary as the original. But it has a delightfully sour strawberry taste that’s hard to miss behind the refreshing menthol.

15. Lychee Ice

For a traditional take on lychee ice, try Esco Bars Lychee Ice. This unique lychee fruit taste is perfected with the perfect amount of ice to create a balanced and delicious drink. Once you try this taste, you won’t want to stop. Initially, you may find this sweet lychee flavor too much to handle. But do not worry; after just one day of usage, it will calm down, and, who knows, it could even become your favorite.

16. Peach Ice

The peach ice from Esco Bars is delicate, fluffy, and sugary. The mild sweetness comes as a pleasant surprise. It’s somewhat chilly but not frigid, like a peach gummy.

17. Strawberry Banana

When it comes to strawberry banana bars, Esco makes some of the finest. This harmonious blend of strawberry and banana is one of our favorites. Consequently, the taste strikes the perfect balance between sweet and creamy. It’s perfect. If all you want is a tasty strawberry banana mix, this is perfect since there is no ice.


Most Esco Bars evaluations are excellent for good causes; consumers like the systems’ functionality and the flavors offered. The number of online retailers providing counterfeit single-use vaporizers is on the rise.

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From Blue Razz Cotton Candy and Rainbow to Blue Raspberry and Peach Ice, we have the most popular flavor that Esco Bars offers.