10 Ways for TV & Movie Super Fans with Auditory Impairment to Improve Their Experience

One of the biggest hobbies in the world is TV and movies. There is such a wide scope to get involved with, from trivia, easter eggs, screen blunders, and a host of compelling genres that it is fascinating for so many people regardless of where they come from or where they’re going.

However, what do you do when a problem with your hearing interferes with your biggest passion? This guide has ten ways for TV and movie super fans with auditory impairments to improve their experience and not lose what they love the most.

One: Book a Hearing Test

The first task on your list is to book a hearing test at a recognised professional clinic. You could go to your doctor for a referral too, but there are advantages to opting for a private route. Below are all the reasons it makes sense to book an appointment at a private clinic nearby.

The Extended Location Options

There are a lot of private clinics so there is bound to be a high quality service close to home, or even one worth travelling out to if the place ticks all of your boxes. Find a clinic online by using this link  www.phonak.com/en-uk/find-a-provider and typing in your local area to explore all the many options that could work. Professional grade dedicated centres are more guaranteed to provide accurate results and a wider resolution scope as well.

The Appointment Speed

You are also more likely to get an appointment either the next day or one quite close to the time of inquiry. This is helpful because it means the problem is being addressed as soon as possible, without having to wait around because of lengthy delays elsewhere. There is also a lot more flexibility in that you mostly get to pick and select an appointment time and day that suits your agenda as opposed to being assigned an appointment when there is space for one.

Faster Results and Solutions

The last advantage, and a highly appealing one too, is that the results are fairly instant. The solution path is also rapid and there is a significant chance that you will receive a detailed prognosis and equally as detailed plan of action to resolve the issue that you’re experiencing.

Two: Invest in a Decent Headset

To help you in the meantime while waiting for an assessment, or if you decide you’re not quite needing a hearing test yet, you can try a dedicated headset. Look for one that is noise cancelling so there is no interference from the outside world and this will bring the volume directly to your ears rather than having to sift through background noise and external sounds as well. All of the audio of the show or movie will be a bit more accessible and definitely enhance the experience.

Three: Consider Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are another consideration worth your time. If your ears have gotten so bad that you are struggling to really hear much at all, then it is time to explore that in a healing capacity. Hearing aids are the number one piece of technology linked with helping people process auditory difficulties.

Four: Find Your Perfect Speaker Setup

For those who can’t abide headphones, or don’t like the way they feel, there is a lot to be gained from a top-tier speaker setup. Multi-media stations like smart TVs and even game consoles will be a lot more enjoyable with a well thought through sound system linked up to enhance the experience.

Five: Consider Learning Sign Language

Sign language is the universally acknowledged communication for deaf people and those harder of hearing. It is an established mode of address and there are accredited schools, courses, and points of access to learning all over the world. This may be one for further down the line if it turns out your hearing problem is degenerative and will never get better, only worse.

Six: Switch the Subtitles On

A step before sign language is simply turning on the subtitles while you are watching. Some people find it detracts from an authentic experience, while others herald them as highly addictive. Subtitles are real-time text displayed on the screen along with the actors themselves so that you can read the audio as it is being said. It even has descriptive phrases to discuss music and background events too. It can be really helpful if you are feeling tired or having a particularly difficult day with your hearing problems.

Seven: Make the Space Relaxing

Any problem is exacerbated when the environment is cluttered and metaphorically loud. If you want to focus on hearing things better, you need to channel some peace while you’re watching your favourite shows and films. Make sure the room is clean and your seat is a comfy one. Minimal distractions maximize concentration which is an essential part of listening and hearing.

Eight: Watch without Distractions

Along this theme, making sure that you are not multi-tasking or concentrating on anything else when you settle down to enjoy a film or similar is essential. Why? Because when your mind and ears are focusing on multiple activities, it is naturally more difficult to concentrate on a single focus. You won’t be able to hear the words or music as effectively if you are also scrolling through your phone, for instance, because your concentration capacity will be divided.

Nine: Have Regular Ear Cleaning

Sometimes, hearing problems are linked to a build up of ear wax or similar debris inside the ear canal. When this happens, you have to get it cleaned at a salon or specialist clinic. Sometimes, this is a simple solution to your auditory delays.

Ten: Exercise and Fitness

Finally, it is always worth taking a look at your wider health profile. If you have been neglecting your daily walk or your eating habits have begun neglecting essential vitamins and minerals, your hearing will be affected. This is especially true for senior citizens! Concentrate on refocusing your health agenda, and there may be an organic improvement.

Movie and TV is a great hobby. Watching films can spark infinite levels of emotion and passion. It makes sense that your hearing has to be healthy to enjoy it properly, so if you are experiencing issues, take action.