10 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Presence as an Influential Personal Trainer

Strong man with naked muscular body exercising with heavy barbell

Fitness trainers and a healthier lifestyle have become increasingly popular recently precisely because people’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle has collectively risen.

Therefore, numerous fitness instructors and personal trainers have appeared both on social media and on personal personalized exercise apps.

There is no perfect recipe for success in this business, what you will have to do is to be yourself and unique, to make your plan and program different from others, and therefore to stand out. Taking sexy selfies while training is one of the most common ways to attract larger groups of people and expand your influence.

1. Completion of courses and obtaining a license

Before starting any exercise and healthy lifestyle plan, you will need to complete the necessary courses and obtain licenses to practice fitness or be a personal trainer. It will not take you more than a year to two days to get all the necessary licenses, depending on your progress.

2. How to attract clients

You will have to think carefully about the offer, the plan, the program, and the services that will be offered to your clients. You have to find your niche, something that makes you stand out from the rest, such as the number of exercises, the variety of exercises, the length of the exercise sets, as well as the combination of nature exercises.

You must offer a specific goal that a larger group of people can identify with. If you are a fighter for nature protection, you can organize volunteer work actions to clean certain parts of the neighborhood or city. The goal is that the community is integrated and that they work together and strive to achieve the set goals.

3. A clear plan and program

Before you start working, you must have a clear plan and program of exercises, length of sets, and variety of programs, as well as the option of hiring a personal trainer. In addition, it is desirable to have a nutritionist available during the exercises so that each client can compile a clear list of food and drinks to consume. When it comes to planning, make it imaginative, creative, and fun.

4. Target demographic group

It is very important to determine which demographic group your program is intended for. Many fitness trainers do not limit themselves when it comes to demographic groups but adapt their program as needed to everyone. In addition, it is desirable to have a children’s program along with an adult program so that children can come to training together with their parents.

5. Which social networks to use

When it comes to social networks, you have to be careful here, because if you are targeting older people, they are usually on Facebook, while younger people are on Instagram and Tiktok. Therefore, you will need to adapt the way you post on social networks such as videos, images, graphs, memes, and texts. It is advisable to open an account on several different social networks and simultaneously publish content on all of them.

6. How often to publish content

When it comes to the intensity of publishing content, it is arbitrary and varies from person to person. However, the more you post, the sooner you will improve the algorithm, and the more people will see you.

7. What the content must be

The content you publish must be striking, creative, and colorful to attract the attention of clients. You must publish certain content at least three times a day. It is also desirable that you publish content at relatively the same time so that your followers know when they can expect content from you.

8. Special offers

Special offers from creating a personalized exercise plan and healthy diet, prize games, excursions, and nature walks are all that attract future clients. Offer special promotional prices and discounts to your most loyal followers.

9. Marketing and advertising

Advertising and marketing are one of the most important things for expanding your business. Thanks to social networks, paid ads, and many other ways of advertising, you will come in contact with a larger population of people. Here you can design special exercise programs that are additionally received by those who engage you. When it comes to marketing, don’t hesitate to advertise your brand on radio stations, billboards, and online.

10. Paycheck

When it comes to earnings, some of the most famous personal trainers earn tens of millions of dollars annually. While fitness instructors and personal trainers can earn from $300 to $1000 on average. However, one of the disadvantages is that you spend most of your time in the gym and have very little flexible time to organize your life. Therefore, no matter how much the earnings in this job are, the working hours are also difficult and tiring.