Why your business needs a waste management plan

rubbish bags

Many businesses regard their waste management as an unavoidable operational cost and that is their final thought on the matter.

Smart businesses, however, view this as a point of strategy.

Apart from statutory regulations governing how businesses deal with different types of waste, businesses stand to gain from understanding business waste and optimising their waste management.


Waste management looks at the entire life cycle of waste within a business. This includes how your enterprise generates waste, how it is stored, transported, and the means of disposal.


Waste doesn’t come cheap Business waste disposal can account for 4-5% of your turnover and it is predicted that this is an expense which will continue to grow over time.

Make it legal There is a statutory duty of care associated with business waste which has been put in place for human health and the good of the environment.

It can improve your bottom line Apart from finding cost-effective waste management services, coming up with a waste management strategy can reveal ways to reduce use of certain raw materials and re-use and recycle certain waste products.

The best businesses are sustainableThe importance of sustainable practices are well-known. Considering businesses dispose of millions of tonnes of waste each year, the effect of waste disposal on the environment is becoming increasingly important (and makes a difference to your business reputation too).


The where The location of your business can affect the amount you pay for your business waste management services. Big cities tend to be expensive. However, more remote locations can also be pricy because of complicated logistical requirements.

The what The type of waste your business generates affects your waste costs. The disposal cost for recyclable waste can be up to 50% cheaper than hazardous waste on the other end of the spectrum – just another reason to recycle.

The bins Different businesses need different bins. Bin hire is part of the bill. Add bin collection too – a weekly service affected by the quantity of waste you put out for pick-up.

The transfer Before your waste goes to landfill, it is sorted at a waste transfer station, which charges a fee for its services.

The tax Landfill Tax is a very real expense for British businesses. Government is intent on reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill each year and so charges a levy for every tonne of commercial waste sent to landfill.

The fees Landfill and recycling facilities can charge a gate fee. On top of this, an admin charge can be expected as part of your bill.

Outsourcing your commercial waste services to a reputable company can streamline operations and have benefits for your business.

Business waste specialists can ensure your compliance, give advice on your business’s bespoke needs, and take the stress out of emergency waste. Contact Smarter Business to find out more about their comprehensive waste network, waste services, and ways to build your business waste management plan.