Businesses under scrutiny for the role they play in a green energy future

Without question, our outlook on climate change and sustainability have reached a global turning point.

This has caused a shift in corporate and individual attitudes to energy. Purchasing around 56% of the UK’s energy, businesses are under the closest scrutiny for the role they play in a green energy future.

Business owners are well aware of their environmental and moral responsibility to look to green energy, but many are unaware of the impact this can have on their profits. These are the ways renewable energy stands to have a cost benefit for your business:

Make the most of government incentives

 Using renewable energy sources drastically reduces your carbon footprint. With carbon targets a pertinent consideration to businesses, renewable energy can now be offset against carbon targets and allowances under the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme. 

Boost your business reputation

With consumer consciousness around environmental issues increasing year on year, investing in your company’s sustainability practices is an investment in positive consumer perception for your business. Not only is the majority of consumers willing to pay more to work with environmentally responsible businesses, this positive reputation becomes a strong marketable point. Additionally, government and private instruments are starting to include eco provisions to procurement contracts which stand to unlock business opportunities for your organisation.

Going green means no brownouts or blackouts

Independence from the grid means you don’t have to suffer without energy during brownouts or blackouts. Operational downtime brought on by these drops has a plethora of associated costs to your business – interrupting manufacture and productivity, frustrating clients, and requiring additional resources to make up for lost time. 

Profit from energy generation

With the potential to sell surplus energy back to the grid, your business’s investment in renewable resources could end up paying off in real terms in profit to your business.

It’s an investment that pays off

With companies around the country investing in green energy infrastructure, the reports around the cost-effectiveness of these resources is resoundingly positive. Different renewable energy sources have different set-up costs. By implementing the correct technology in the right way, your business stands to make back the value of this investment and increase profits through energy savings.

Consulting with an energy broker around your business’s green energy options is the best way to assess the suitability of different solutions to your particular enterprise – whether you are looking for gradual implementation or large-scale transformation. The team at Smarter Business is geared to provide businesses of all sizes with holistic energy solutions. Find out more and get green energy advice here.

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