O2 help SMEs become better organised with Microsoft Office 365 offering

The Swaffham Emporium in Norfolk which has been helped by O2's Microsoft365 offering

Whilst O2 are one of the UKs leading providers of mobile phone technology, they appreciate that when you are in the office you need systems and processes to ensure that you are able to perform to your maximum ability and focusing on your business and not on technology and worrying about servers and keeping your software up-to-date.

We spoke to Swaffham Gift Emporium, a small retail gift shop, which allows the local community in Norfolk the opportunity to sell their crafts and wares to see just how O2 had helped the.

The outlet was founded by Steve Pugh earlier this year and there is scope for more than 100 crafters to rent shelf space to sell their goods from as little as £10 a month.

With six part-time staff including Steve, and a pool of local craftspeople, the company prides itself on providing the regional crafting community with the necessary platform to take the first steps towards building their own business.

“The Swaffham Gift Emporium is the coming together of like-minded people looking for a way to make money from their passions. The nature of the business runs to benefit the crafters and the local community by offering an affordable forum for the talented artisans that we have in the area to showcase their creations,” explained Pugh.

As the only full time member of staff, Steve currently manages over 62 local crafters and needs to ensure that he finds the time to do everything the business requires including paying invoices and ordering stock. When Steve does his business admin, he needs to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible, having access to the most up to date documents and files on whichever device he is using and wherever he may be.

Microsoft Office 365 from O2 helps Pugh manage his business effortlessly; it manages everything from emails and finance to artwork and signs. Most of all it gives him peace of mind knowing that the services are available with a guaranteed 99.9 per cent uptime, financially backed service level agreement.

• Steve has access to the most up to date Office applications, business grade email, diary management and document sharing across all of his devices
• He can work whenever he wants, with the assurance that everything stays up to date with the activity that takes place in the shop during the day
• Steve can now easily reformat and rearrange his financials in Excel and gain new insights about the health of his business with Flash Fill
• Microsoft Office Excel also means he can perform complex analysis of his business using recommended pivot tables
• Data and documents synced across all of Steve’s devices including his mobile and laptop, which means that business admin is a much easier and quicker task, wherever he is.

Products and Services
• Microsoft Office 365 Small Business from O2 with dedicated support
• O2 Business grade smartphone contract and access to Priority Moments, Evernote Premium, O2 Gurus

Pugh added, “The biggest benefit of Microsoft Office 365 from O2 is that it helps me in every aspect of my business, it takes out the everyday hassle of everything. Simple tasks such as sending emails can become tedious and time consuming if attachments are left off, but with the aid of Microsoft Office 365 from O2 this isn’t a problem as it won’t allow me to send the email. In addition, the software helps me manage my money, automatically letting me know how much money I’ve made and what I have left – it essentially runs my business for me”.

For more information on how Microsoft Office 365 from O2 can help your business, [ilink url=”http://www.o2.co.uk/business/products-and-services/packages/office-365″]go to the dedicated O2 webpage[/ilink]

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