How smart maintenance software digitises manual processes

Smart maintenance software can be another important factor in manufacturing, helping to ensure that machines and tools break down less often and run with a low error rate. This is by no means a matter of pure schedule management.

The inventory software from the Swiss company Timly tackles the issue holistically. Maintenance planning, documentation, provision of information and, if desired, linking with personnel files of maintenance staff are just some of the functions included in the software package.

Maintenance planner: Industry has special requirements

Planning the maintenance and repair of complex industrial production facilities can become a real challenge in practice. One reason for this is the multitude of relevant laws and regulations. In addition, there are possible internal requirements.

A rough distinction can be made between three areas:

-Safety requirements: The result from legal obligations, the regulations of the GDPR, and other industry-specific ordinances. Those responsible have little leeway. Inspection deadlines must be adhered to in order to avoid sanctions by inspection bodies.

-function-maintaining specifications: These are maintenance and inspection schedules that are recommended or prescribed by the manufacturer in order not to lose warranty claims, for example. Regular maintenance also contributes to the longevity of machines.

-Individual specifications: The work processes in the company usually make it necessary to carry out certain recurring activities on a daily basis. These can be cleaning tasks or the refilling of operating materials. Here, too, there is hardly any flexibility if the operational readiness of the work equipment is not to be jeopardised.

Coordination is difficult if the upcoming appointments are managed in different systems. It is also helpful if the schedule management is directly linked to the documentation. In this way, it is easy to see what condition a machine was in during the last maintenance process and what work was carried out.

This is where Timly’s maintenance software comes in. The claim is that only one solution is needed around the topic of inventory and maintenance.

Use software for maintenance management: Advantages and important prerequisites

Software-based appointment management is standard in all sectors nowadays. Automatic reminders, checking for collisions and the simple creation of overviews are functions that can be fulfilled in this way, saving time and avoiding errors.

However, to get by with a uniform system, the maintenance software used must be able to record a wide variety of assets. For this purpose, Timly offers dynamic profiles that can ultimately be adapted to parameters of almost all conceivable inventory items. In practice, it is used to manage furniture as well as complex machines and vehicles.

For easier allocation, container objects can also be defined to which other assets are linked. In this way, a production plant consisting of many individual components is mapped logically. With this model, dates and documents of machine components can be recorded in a fine-granular way. It is then possible to display a general overview for a production area.

Timly’s maintenance software helps keep track of tools and machines

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Inventory management, maintenance planner – software simplifies workflows

The use of maintenance software such as Timly can be seamlessly integrated into smart production, also known as Industry 4.0. The programme is designed as a cloud service. Setup and secure connection in accordance with the requirements of the DSGVO are already included in the software package.

Access is possible with any mobile device that has an internet connection. The integration of IoT sensors has also already been implemented. GPS trackers can be used, for example, to locate mobile work equipment. Monthly costs for the SIM card are included in the package.

In addition to the possibility of integrating a GPS device, interfaces have also been implemented for equipment control through distance measuring devices and smart sensors for temperature and humidity measurement.

Timly cooperates in this area with adnexo, the established Swiss manufacturer of high-quality IoT sensor technology. Measured values can thus be documented automatically and, if desired, coupled with notifications from responsible persons when previously defined events occur. Time-consuming manual checks on machines are increasingly being eliminated.

Maintenance app simplifies information exchange

To access information from the maintenance mangement software from all conceivable work locations, Timly offers a web app for smartphones and tablets. In combination with the possibility of marking assets with QR codes, this creates an intuitive way to call up the profile of a piece of work equipment.

All that is needed is to scan the QR code with the integrated barcode scanner. Employees can call up all relevant information directly at the workstation and update it if necessary.

Process and file maintenance logs with software

Regulations require formal documentation of maintenance work and test results. The type and scope are based on industry standards such as DIN 31051 and DIN EN 13306.

With its maintenance software, Timly offers the possibility of filing documents of all kinds in the digital file of a device. Therefore, a log can be filled out directly on the mobile device on site and saved in real time in the device profile.

If Timly is also used for personnel management, this applies analogously to qualification proofs and certificates of the inspection personnel. In this way, maximum transparency is provided. If desired, every employee can convince himself of the legally compliant condition of a machine. All the necessary documents are available for inspections.

Use Excel as a maintenance planner: Not a sensible alternative in industry

Before purchasing maintenance software, the question often arises in practice as to whether a comparable functionality can also be depicted with existing programmes such as Excel. However, the requirements of modern maintenance planning usually exceed the possibilities of the spreadsheet programme.

Multi-user capability and poor manageability on mobile devices stand in the way. Smart functions, such as checking for scheduling conflicts and automatic reminders, can only be implemented with VBA scripts. Ultimately, maintenance planning with Excel generates a significantly higher workload compared to the use of specialised maintenance software such as Timly.

Timly’s asset tracking software also has clear advantages in specialised sectors such as wood processing or IT.

Always keep everything in view with Timly’s intuitive maintenance software

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Market leader in maintenance software: industrial customers rely on Timly

Timly’s maintenance planner has become one of the market leaders in maintenance software in a short time. Customers include companies such as SodaStream, Siemens, Panasonic and Bayer. The diversity of the clientele shows that Timly’s universal approach to inventory management and maintenance planning meets practical requirements.

The functional scope of the maintenance software is constantly being expanded and adapted to current problems to ensure its future viability.

Maintenance planner free of charge: test the full version in everyday life

The software manufacturer offers a free test phase so that those responsible in companies have the opportunity to test the handling of Timly based on their own work processes. All functions of the maintenance software are available. Feedback from your own employees is a good basis for determining acceptance and suitability for everyday use before the software is introduced in your own company.