Vodafone signal booster – Easiest solution to Vodafone signal problem


There’s no denying that our mobile devices have become a necessary extension of our senses, a pillar of social interaction and a staple of everyday communication.

Even though we’re constantly on the go, we remain connected to the network, we stay updated on each other’s lives and in a couple of clicks we can exchange information with people across the globe. What’s more, if we don’t keep up with the fast pace the modern world imposes, we quickly fall behind and lag compared to our peers.

If you’re a Vodafone user, you’re part of one of the world’s biggest mobile networks. They are a provider in 26 countries and have partner networks in an additional 50 countries. You might have encountered, however, that even with all of Vodafone’s qualities in providing a fast and reliable service, occasional gaps in the signal occur. This can be a complete lack of reception in remote areas, but is more often a weak coverage that hinders communication. Your mobile network relies on cell towers whose emissions cover a certain area, keeping you connected to the grid. No matter how many of these towers are placed in an area (and especially in urban areas), certain obstacles will block a signal. This will occasionally happen, regardless of the companies’ efforts to cover the largest possible area. If you regularly experience a weak signal, you might be living in an area where the surrounding is causing these “dead spots” in the network. Rural areas tend to have weak reception as well, due to the distance from the cell towers. The good news is, you can do something about it. Meet the Vodafone signal booster.

The urban landscape is filled with materials that block signals from cell towers – thick concrete walls act as one these obstacles, so you can find yourself lacking those precious signal bars even in densely populated areas. The Vodafone signal booster bypasses this issue, giving you unhampered reception no matter where you are. It acts as a sort of resonance chamber, amplifying the weak signal and emitting it into your surrounding tens of times stronger than what you would otherwise receive.

A Vodafone signal booster is composed of three parts: an exterior, receiver antenna, an amplifier and an interior, emitter antenna. The external antenna catches the signal and transmits it to the amplifier. The amplifier (or “booster box”) then augments the received signal, emitting it in your vicinity via the inside antenna. The mobile signal booster works both ways, amplifying outgoing signals as well. Signal boosters come in versions for homes, cars and offices. The home model works best for smaller spaces, while stronger models can cover multiple floors or even whole buildings. The basic principle of how they function is the same, however.

You can install a Vodafone signal booster using regular household tools, and the process takes less than half an hour. Your booster should come with some cable provided, but you can get more if the distance between the antennae and the booster box demands it (regular coaxial cable is used, with types differing depending on whether you’re using a home, office or car model). You should try to keep its length to a minimum, though, as the signal weakens travelling through the cable.

While mounting the outdoor antenna you should try to face it towards the nearest cell tower for maximum effect, and preferably set it in a high place (such as the roof of your house). You need to have some reception to begin with in order for your signal booster to work.

If you live in a remote area with no coverage whatsoever, the booster will have no effect, as it has no signal to amplify.

Indoor antennae differ in their coverage radius and direction. For single-floor coverage you should use a dome antenna, and if you want your amplified signal to reach through several floors you should opt for a panel antenna. Simply connect the receiver, the amplifier and the emitter and plug the booster box into a power outlet. Your Vodafone signal booster should start up and you’re all set to enjoy uninterrupted reception!

Home and office models are static, while vehicle boosters are designed to work on the go. Make sure to pick a booster according to your needs, depending on the coverage you require as well as the number of carriers that will be using it at a given time.

Your Vodafone signal booster will amplify not only your signal, but also other providers’ networks. Whether you’re using your phone to chat with friends, make transactions or seal business deals, you can rest assured that your signal bars will be at their peak. No matter the circumstances, with the Vodafone signal booster you’ll never have to fear reception trouble again!