SwiftKey makes typing quicker than ever Double-Word Prediction

Called Double-Word Prediction, SwiftKey will now be able to predict the next two words you’re likely to type, rather than one, significantly speeding up the process over time, reports WIRED. SwiftKey’s prediction tech will continue to monitor how every individual communicates, and the nuances of their language, so that it serves up the most accurate data.

SwiftKey’s initial examples of how Double-Word Prediction works include typing “SwiftKey is” and then the prediction engine suggests “out now”. As well as “Predicts two words at” and then it serves up “a time”. Clearly it’ll take some getting used to — the user needs to learn how it works and SwiftKey needs to learn how the user works. But if it delivers it could make typing much easier and faster.

There won’t be any big design upgrades to accommodate Double-Word Prediction — you’ll just see two words suggested in the SwiftKey panel rather than the one.

Available to download from Google Play now, the beta version of SwiftKey’s upgraded app also comes with a revamped emoji keyboard that has a new ‘recently used’ section.

Double-Word Prediction is the latest in a series of exciting announcements from SwiftKey. It opened up its smart prediction tech to more than 100 languages earlier this month — all of which will have Double-Word Prediction built in too. And also unveiled SwiftKey Neural Alpha, a way to make keyboard predictions more accurate than ever using neural network language models.