How to save money on PRINCE2 training

Not only does it teach you how to divide a project up into manageable segments, but it also teaches you how to control risks.

Every business can benefit greatly from efficient project management, and the PRINCE2 training method will provide your employees with everything they need to know to deliver your objectives on time and to a tight budget.

How flexible is the PRINCE2 training course?

The PRINCE2 training courses are split into five separate blocks, and each one is designed to cater for staff at different levels of the project management scale. In fact, the successful completion of each stage can actually move you up the career ladder.

The PRINCE2 Foundation is a great place to start for people who are new to the industry. It covers all the terminology and processes that you will be exposed to when you undertake a project.

If you are going to be a project manager within a PRINCE2 environment, then the PRINCE2 Practitioner course, which can be taken online or in a classroom, will be ideal for you.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to learn about the principles of both of the courses listed above, and this is where the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course will be able to help.

You will need to re-register as a PRINCE2 Practitioner between three and five years after you first qualified. If you fail to do this, your registered title will be removed, and you will have to undertake the PRINCE2 Re-Registration package to get it back.

Finally, the PRINCE2 Agile course teaches you how to implement the ideas and processes of an Agile working system into the PRINCE2 framework.

Where can the classes be held?

The location in which your course is delivered can be tailored to your unique requirements, too. A company like Simetral holds PRINCE2 training for professionals in London, but they also run classes in locations as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Brighton and Southampton, so getting to your session is sure to be quick and stress-free.

Simetral’s classes are affordable

With some of Simetral’s classes lasting for five days on a 9-5 basis, you might think that the prices would be astronomical for such a comprehensive service – especially when you consider that the exams are included in the package.

However, the company offers discounts for group bookings. All you have to do is speak to a member of their customer services team when you’re making your booking.

What’s more, the company regularly applies discounts to a number of their courses throughout the year – meaning you could make some great savings on a range of PRINCE2 products. All you have to do is take a look at the course list on their website and scroll down until you see a deduction in red. As well as this, their special offers are listed on the side of the course page, and this is where the best of the savings are to be had.