announces launch of new discussion forum and information resource for small business

SMEs are often resource-constrained, so being able to get practical and relevant information, and share experiences and opinions with associates within a community is likely to be key in helping them to understand the best path to take to help them grow their business quicker.  is an independent, evolving information site, which includes invaluable insights from some of the key influencers in the SME UK business space including Dave Sumner Smith, programme director, B2 Business Hub; Richard Alvin, managing director, Capital Business Media (publishers of Business Matters); and Hannah McNamara, managing director of HRM Coaching Ltd and a director of SME Academy.
All of these influencers have contributed to one of the first outputs of the site, the white paper, “Using Social Media to Drive Business Advantage – Why SMEs are Leading the Conversation”
The free white paper examines many of the hot topics and issues in social media for SMEs, from techniques for interacting with customers online and the importance of tracking and monitoring social media sites, to how SME owners can manage the use of social media within their own business.
The site actively encourages contributions – from providing new content, offering ideas and sharing experiences, to supplying viewpoints and feedback on the usefulness and usability of the site.
It is an interactive resource so they are happy for you to reuse content for editorial purposes as long as you attribute it back to the site.
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