Reviewed: NUU iPad KeyCase

This well-designed case provides the ultimate in versatility with a removable Bluetooth keyboard, a detachable iPad case, and stylus. The stylus, and the integrated elasticated loop on the case to keep it safe when not in use, is a great asset for anyone using any of the note-taking or paper apps available on the market as it means that the iPad really can replace your note pad in meetings.

The case is made out of a nice black leather which stands up to daily use very well as does the magnetic bond between the removable bluetooth keyboard and case ensuring that the keyboard doesn’t go flying off every time you open the case.

The keyboard itself is nice to use and very responsive and feels very solid. It also has a very good battery life with it only needing to be charged at periodic intervals.

With the keyboard attached the case is a little bulky, so if you were using the device for leisure and not needing to use the additional functionality it brings you can easily leave it behind, plus if you really wanted to travel light you could detach the flap as just use the case as a sleeve to protect the back and sides.

We have tested integrated case and keyboards before and whilst good are a little too bulky for everyday use, especially when also having to take a notepad to meetings, but this NUU case really does provide the best of both worlds and is a worthy addition to your working kit bag.

Cost: £79.99

BM Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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