Orange launches mobile landline service for small business

Many businesses choose to keep a landline as it could be seen as a mark of an established or local business with an easily recognisable area code. However, this limits access to calls when someone is out of the office. 
This new service offers the advantage of having a location specific number without having to have an always staffed fixed office base, helping businesses to keep costs down and work more flexibly.  The new service allows businesses to overcome this issue by ensuring all calls are routed to a mobile. 
If it isn’t convenient to answer their mobile, customers can use a simple voicemail system that takes messages and emails them to the customer as MP3 files. 
Richard Marsh, Founder of Mast High Ltd said: “I spend a lot of my working day travelling, visiting customers and attending sales events. This doesn’t make it easy for me to access any customer calls that come through on the office landline and I often don’t get back to check voicemails regularly. Pocket Landline from Orange would guarantee that all my calls come through on the mobile and reach me wherever I happen to be. It would also mean not missing out on important calls from existing, or new customers that come my way. In the current economic climate I can’t tell you how invaluable such a service will be in helping me develop my business by maintaining a personal and prompt customer service.”
Martin Lyne, SME Marketing Director, Everything Everywhere, the company that runs Orange said: “With Pocket Landline, businesses will never have to miss another call from customers just because they’re on the move. The fixed number could help increase credibility and local presence, while the easily scalable packages mean that your Pocket Landline service can expand with the business.”
Pocket Landline packages are offered on a simple set monthly price structure depending on what suits the business best1.  One landline can be routed to between one to 10 mobiles or have several landlines routed to a single mobile. People calling the number will not be charged any more than the costs of a local landline call. 
Managing Pocket Landline is simple using a web based portal. This free online tool enables customers to manage their Pocket Landline service by creating bespoke announcements for incoming calls and changing the availability of your number by time of day or date.
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