Now is the time to seriously considering outsourcing IT in your SME

IT decision-making

Outsourcing is one of those perennial topics that comes up again and again.

Thirty years ago, it was seen as an act of last resort, something businesses did in case of dire emergency, if they were unable to cope or not sure what they were doing.

Fifteen years ago, a more balanced view started to emerge. If your business knows nothing about plumbing or cooking, why are you employing a maintenance man and catering staff, when external suppliers can do it better, faster and cheaper, while at the same time giving management one less thing to worry about?

Today, businesses run leaner than ever – they have to in these hyper-competitive times – and anything that is non-core is fair game for outsourcing. IT is a prime example, and the traditional in-house tech team is quickly going the way of those kitchen staff and handymen.

You might think that is fair enough for the big businesses with hundreds of employees, but that for your SME it makes little sense to outsource IT. In fact, the converse is true, and it is smaller businesses that can benefit most. The arrival of companies like Probrand on the scene has increased the flexibility of IT outsourcing – essentially, they will take on as much or as little as you need them to. And for an SME, as much is usually the best path to success.

Reducing costs and expenses

To understand how outsourcing can save you money, and how much, you first need to take a step back and look at the alternative. What would it cost your business to set up an IT department from scratch? Servers, software and licenses are only the start.

There is also the cost of recruitment, the salary and benefits to staff and the additional strain on resources in terms of HR, admin and physical space. Even with these in place, the technology is constantly changing. That means regular investment, and spending out on training to keep your IT staff at the top of their game – and all for resources and capability that you might only use on odd occasions.

By opting for outsourced services, you are given the freedom and flexibility to pick the solutions, tools, software and services that you actually need.

You are not responsible for the cost and aggravation of getting things set up, and aspects such as tools and security are somebody else’s problem and expense.

This level of flexibility is exactly what SMEs need, and is ideal for efficiently developing your operations without absorbing capital or incurring unnecessary expenditure.

Staying focused

Running a small business effectively needs the focus and dedication of the manager or management team. With the best will in the world, the last thing you need is for you or your key staff to be fretting about your IT systems.

Outsourcing allows you to place that burden in the hands of experts and leaves you to do what you do best – growing your business and driving it forward by delivering better products and services to your customers.