Interest In Apple Crumbles As Samsung Galaxy Handsets Dominate

Launched in May, the Galaxy S III 16GB Blue features impressive S-Voice functions, allowing the user to check the weather, open apps, take photos and turn the phone on and off with voice commands, and deals start at £26 a month. The phone also boasts a massive 4.8 inch super AMOLED HD Screen, front and rear facing cameras, and the opportunity to choose from tens of thousands of free apps and games from Google Play thanks to its up-to-the-minute Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android.

But while there was no toppling Samsung’s reign, the Nokia Lumia 800 – which hasn’t been seen in the top ten since February – is garnering a fresh wave of popularity, thanks largely to its attractive price tag. From just £15 per month, consumers can experience highlights such as access to the Xbox live gaming service, mobile versions of all Microsoft Office packages and Nokia Drive sat nav.

And with a number of good value deals on the market, price is king, with low-cost entries sitting comfortably in the top ten for June. Even cheaper than the Nokia Lumia, the Samsung Galaxy Ace provides camera, video, media player and all the pre-installed apps like Facebook and YouTube that smartphone users have become accustomed to but, from £7.50 per month, at a more wallet-friendly price.

With this growing interest in affordable smartphones it is little wonder that the iPhone 4 and 3GS, which retail from £20-£40 per month on average, are at the bottom of the table. Cash-strapped consumers are favouring more affordable models like the offerings from HTC, whose One S and One X models are available from £7.50 per month.

Number one handset – Samsung’s Galaxy S III remains Britain’s most popular mobile after launching in May 2012.

New entries – the first Windows Phone handset to be released following the Windows/Nokia tie-up, the Nokia Lumia 800, is a re-entry at number eight, having not been seen in the chart since February.

Biggest losers – the iPhone 4 (16GB) has slid down two positions to number nine.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, says: “Samsung is clearly flavour of the month for smartphone consumers, and after its launch in May the excitement surrounding its Galaxy S III has not yet died down. And now that supply chain problems during launch have been solved, the phone’s place as a top seller has been cemented for a second month.