BT Shakes-up business broadband with £30 bundle

Businesses will also have the freedom to build their own BT communications package, from the most extensive range of options, covering calls, broadband and mobile offered by a UK communications provider, following the introduction of a range of new BT One Plan call packages.

By adopting a new and flexible way of buying communications services, businesses can now, for example, build a package that gives them BT Business Total Broadband Option 1 and their calls to mobile, international destinations and landlines fixed for only £30 – ideal for the small business.
When compared to buying services separately, businesses taking a call package with their broadband package in this way are set to gain an additional 20 per cent in value from their broadband commitment. Businesses can build their own communications package with as much or as little in it as they want, gaining more value the more they bring together in their flexible bundle.

The new BT One Plan call packages feature inclusive calling minutes to UK landlines, fixed calls to UK mobiles and international destinations for a low fixed monthly cost starting from just £5 BT has introduced savings of up to 50 per cent on the price per minute for calls to UK fixed lines for businesses taking a call package with their broadband package.

“In uncertain times, cash flow is king,” said Bill Murphy managing director, BT Business. “Knowing what your monthly outgoings are is as important as keeping them low. With the introduction of these changes, BT is helping businesses manage their communications spend with one low fixed cost package that they have the power to define themselves based on what they need. BT is offering businesses a premier a la carte service with the value and cost predictability benefits of having a set menu. If the dessert is not to your taste – why keep paying for it? This is a natural evolution in the market of communication services.”

All service and billing enquiries will be dealt with through one number, and one bill will cover all services for customers through BT Business One Plan. BT Business Broadband offers a 99.99 per cent reliable broadband service, nine out of 10 faults are resolved in under four hours and 95 per cent of calls to our 24/7 UK help desk are answered within 30 seconds.

To achieve greater savings across their communications spend, businesses can also get unlimited calls within their business depending on which components they opt for and 5% reward on their bill when they hit their committed spending levels.