Why Innovative Thinking Is The Real Key To Social Media Success

Yet sometimes the fear of change along with the relative “newness” of social media can constrain and inhibit a SME business. It can prevent it from using social media to its full potential. Only by continually pushing the boundaries of our current thinking on social media as a communications tool can we truly reap the fruits of a deeper customer engagement.

Communication via social media has become more dynamic and intense cutting across cultures and time zones. In an increasingly connected global marketplace this has profound implications for how SME’s communicate with customers and key stakeholders both today and in the future.

To grow and be successful through social media we arguably need employees responsible to think more innovatively and creatively as part of that. But this raises a crucial question. How do we encourage more innovative and creative thinking in employees? What seeds to we need to sow to achieve that?

This is an important question. It is also one which in my experience can often easily be overlooked. Can someone for example be trained to think more innovatively? Is it possible to do that? Or is innovative thinking a natural trait which people have inside them and cannot be taught?

I believe we all have the capacity for innovative thinking if we train our minds towards such a disposition. Granted, some of us may be “better” at thinking innovatively than others. But if we accept that all of us have the capacity for some level of innovative thinking, then by developing and practicing this skill further, we will increase our capacity to add value to our business and customers.

So while some SME’s invest heavily in social media training for their employees we can easily forget that this is only ever one part of the investment required. The other part of the training investment required is investment in developing creativity and innovative thinking in employees.

Success in social media is in my view and experience always dependant on two factors. The first is a solid and thorough understanding of social media. The second is the ability to apply innovative and creative thinking to that understanding. I would argue that anyone can learn the fundamentals of social media engagement with the right social media training.

This means that you need something more as an SME – something that will set your social media efforts apart from the rest in your sector. That something is innovation and creative thinking in employees responsible for social media. And that, I believe, is the real secret to deriving true competitive advantage from your social media efforts.