The Impossibility of No

No, no thanks you, not this time, I don’t want this thank you, definitely not for me.

None of these are rude statements and if you are in sales (and I consider myself to be) they are not the best of things to hear but at least they bring the situation to a conclusion, particularly if said with conviction.

No true sales person should take the first “no” as a no, but the third or fourth no should be understood by even the most determined. More importantly when understood such statements allow the sales person space and time to convert true indecisiveness to yes’s or even better to look after the definite yes’s

But the business world seems to be filled with those who just won’t get to the point. Goodness knows why because for most of the great sales people this isn’t personal, we just need to know with absolutely certainty that you don’t at this moment want what we are selling

In my case I have a sales mantra “kill it or thrill it” by that I mean it’s either a dead deal or a deal that will happen.

What I find difficult to deal with are the permanent ditherers.

Ok if you need more information or breathing space tell me, let’s agree a time line to that decision.

This is only about maximising time for both of us, a commodity in short supply by anyone’s standards.

If you are honest with yourself it’s only what you want when you are attempting to sell your services or products so put yourself in the suppliers’ shoes and ask “would I like this response”? Certainly the answer will be no.

Today’s business model requires us all to make much quicker decisions, our life is invaded with data, offers and promises every moment. Sorting out the gems from the driftwood has never been harder but it’s rare that continually putting off a decision benefits anyone.

I totally accept that not everyone works like this. I am no procrastinator; I made instance decisions about virtually everything from recruitment of staff to choosing a new pair of shoes.

As a result I get loads wrong of course I do but, as I believe, for me 1% success represents 99% failures. By and large it’s a numbers game and to play that well I need time.

My decisive nature helps me realise the 24 hour clock to its full potential.