What real businesses think about BREXIT

Voting Remain

TG Green Tea

On a personal level, I think there is a better deal to be had by the UK in the areas of security, justice and migrant benefits which may be delivered through further negotiation post June-23. It seems that the EU body doesn’t listen carefully to the wishes of the people the first time ’round a referendum (ref Ireland 2008/2012)!

If Tg green tea could vote, it would vote IN as the Smart, Sassy, Social brand is all about connecting with folks searching for healthy drinks and this transcends language, culture and politics!


The company I co-founded, Onedox, is designed to help UK consumers save money on their household bills. It’s our belief that leaving the EU could lead to a significant increase in the prices paid by consumers each month for these services.

As a part of the European Union, we benefit from well-established safeguards that ensure a competitive single market for services we pay considerable amounts of money for – in sectors such as gas, electricity and mobile telecoms. European legislation preventing the creation of market monopolies and the abolition of mobile roaming fees are examples of how EU membership helps consumers pay less.

Another benefit of the single market has been to make it easier for skilled labour to move around the EU. For instance, some of the largest UK energy companies are headquartered in other EU member states but have a significant workforce in the UK. EDF Energy, E-on, Scottish Power and RWE npower would all be faced with the considerable challenge of continuing to invest and provide cost-effective services to UK consumers, whilst being restricted in their ability to utilise staff in the UK from across the EU. We anticipate this would have an upwards effect on the prices charged to consumers.

Overall, EU membership helps UK consumers to pay less for household services than they would otherwise, which has to be a good thing!

Hearts and Minds Ltd

We don’t actually export any of our service, or import any currently, but below is the areas of concern to us. In case it is of interest, we are a young agency (all under 30) coming up to 2 years in business. I like to think we have a startup feel, and my cofounder and I are best friends from school.

Our main client is the UK branch of a large French hotel company. They rely heavily on the free movement of labour, and we obviously want the best for them. Our long term plans might also include setting up a Paris office to service the WW HQ of the company. The more freedom we have to do business there, the better.

We have just hired a great new member of staff who comes from Romania. We were initially unsure how Brexit might affect his work status, but have now been able to confirm he is eligible for citizenship. It wasn’t really something we wanted to have to include as part of the process – we just wanted the best candidate.

Voting OUT

Tricia Wollfreys, P W Consulting

For the record I think we are in a difficult situation whatever we do. On balance I would vote out because I believe the EU is an ideal which is all but impossible to live up to because of the different cultures and ideals and that the resulting bureaucracy makes it unworkable from a practical perspective.

Ben Towers, Towers Design

I think as a country we are strong enough to be able to govern ourselves and manage what we do.

I think that the country as a nation will get a lot stronger and with foreign aid we can do this more effectively as we can start to manage it ourselves on a case by case basis.

Brian Smith, Popagami

The EU is far more focussed on big business and impose regulations that really do exteme harm to the small business owner.

The IMF, business organisations and other countries are only against exit based on potential effects in their countries. I imagine most foreign owned companies are the ones saying stay in.

All the negativity around the exit will be very easy to fix when we leave as they need us more than we need them. It might also result in a better and fairer European union in the future.

The export opportunities for UK are much greater after leaving and renegotiating free trade and without clauses Norway agreed to. We could be more like Canada or Switzerland where we make the UK a fantastic place for businesses and manufacture so we are very competitive with rest of Europe. We will still be hiring lots of Europeans to work here, but the ones that are more important to our economy and needs. That is what the rest if Europe fears.

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