How to achieve your optimum when working from home

Work from home

Working from home can sound like the dream, or in some cases a nightmare as seasoned veterans on telecommuting will tell you that it’s not all plain sailing. So how do you make the most of working from home whilst enjoying being out of the office?

Use your commute time wisely

You may not have to travel to work but don’t use that as an excuse to sleep in for an extra hour or work from your bed. Use the time you would be travelling to do something productive and non work related, whether its reading a book, fitting in a work out or make a healthy breakfast and catch up on the news (not Facebook).

Make a list

Jot down all the things you hope to do for the day. Make sure you are realistic but don’t be too easy on yourself. Present doable tasks that are possible to achieve given your time frame.

Hide/ disconnect any distractions

If you work with the TV on in the background or listen to music, then great, but if it’s a distraction switch it off. Keeping distractions to a minimum will make it easier to maintain your focus.

Stay hydrated, take small regular breaks

It is known that smaller breaks whether at work or home is best for brain activity, mindflow and generally working to your best. Staying hydrated throughout the day and taking regular breaks, I find, is a great way to keep you going.

Keep in touch with the office or someone!

Whilst it’s great working form home it can also be a lonely existence. Ideas come about when you can bounce them around and get feedback, so keep in touch with the people you work with. If that’s not an option find someone that’s in the same position and set up a time each week or even day to talk shop.

Give yourself space

Layout whatever you need in the appropriate and most comfortable way. This way, if you can see everything you need to, you feel more organised and more comfortable. Secondly, avoid mess. It’s true what they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’. You don’t need the distraction of doing the washing or tidying up when you’ve got work to do!

Get out of the house

Go for a walk round the block, get to the post office on your lunch break, whatever you do make sure you get some fresh air in your lungs and blood moving. It’ll give you a break and your brain a reboot.

Don’t get distracted by the people around you

Sometimes the biggest problem of working home is not a lack of motivation or discipline but other people knowing that you are home! Whilst it may be tricky don’t encourage people to visit during the work day or at least limit coffee time with friends!