Creating an Egalitarian World with Digital Money

When I first looked at bitcoin and saw the possibility of an interconnected world of money built on open standards I found it thrilling, but money that was volatile everywhere and to everyone was, in a word, concerning.

In bitcoin I saw much of what attracted me to the Internet and to found CNET in 1993; the promise of openness, unrestricted innovation, lack of predatory control, reduction of arbitrary borders, and — unique with bitcoin — a possible reprieve from the insanely chaotic and risky money systems we have all grown so wary of today.

Beyond the concern of bitcoin’s volatility lay something truly powerful — the opportunity to create a more egalitarian world —but only if that volatility could be tamed. And that’s why we founded Bitreserve: to enable people to truly realize the benefits of digital money, and all that it promises for the future of banking. And today we are thrilled to announce we have fully launched Bitreserve and are now accessible to the public.

What We Do
Our goal at Bitreserve is to allow everyone to participate in the amazing world of digital money in a way that provides all that bitcoin has to offer, but without its volatility. This means making digital money easy, fast and free. Just as you can hold money in a bank account in one currency and use a credit card to purchase items in other currencies when travelling, we handle the currency conversion instantly for you. You can hold dollars, euros, pounds, yen and yuan, but instantly and conveniently spend in bitcoin.

But we didn’t stop there
We have also created a revolutionary new model in the world of money by creating the world’s first transparent financial institution. Our saying is “what our members do with their money is their business, but what we do with their money is everyone’s business.” As such, we have published a real-time, verifiable, proof of solvency so that anyone at any time can confirm that their value is backed one-for-one in our full reserve. We believe this radical transparency is the only way necessary to create a more equitable financial system. Learn more about our transparency here

Change money, change the world
We’ve assembled an incredible team with experts from across the financial, compliance, security and technology worlds. We believe that the revolution in digital money is real when money is simple and free to use, the financial system is sustainable, and for the first time, people feel that they hold their own money. Today marks the beginning of a journey to a new financial system. Thanks for participating in this global effort.

Image: Bitcoin via Shutterstock

Halsey Minor, serial tech entrepreneur who founded CNET and Google Voice has embarked upon another venture – to bring bitcoin to the masses through his new company, Bitreserve.

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