The business pitfalls of being a digital dinosaur

business marketing

With thousands of businesses in each sector, it can often be a struggle to get heard above the noise even when it feels like you are making use of all the available channels.

So if everyone else is doing the same, how can you be heard if you’re jumping on that crowded bandwagon?

The world of business is fast-paced and evolving constantly, and despite the reluctance of some, it’s more important than ever for business owners to keep up.

Business owners need to not only utilise channels of communications but capitalise on them – by embracing the tools of modern marketing. Perhaps it is fear of the unknown, or the true value of these tools have not been recognised, but there’s no time like the present.

“But we’re already doing fine”

Perhaps your business is making plenty of sales without the aid of social media or an interactive website. But how many more could you be landing with the support of a strong digital marketing strategy? And with closing ratios being what they are, surely an increase on one end will help your overall conversion?

Digital marketing can create impressive returns, despite the initial effort to engage feeling like a big investment. The results may not always be as tangible as increased sales, but surely a wider reach, increased awareness and enhanced reputation are invaluable to any business owner?

Increased leads and valuable relationships

With a majority of people turning to Google instead of the local phonebook to search for businesses and contacts, if you have little online presence, or what you do have does not show off your brand in the best light, you are severely limiting the chances of being discovered and viewed. You might have a website and you may have setup a couple of social media profiles, but keeping these channels regularly updated with new content is key to ensuring that you are attracting new business leads. In addition, creating an archive of useful material can really help you create touchpoints for prospects. Your content can help to answer the frequently asked questions you get during the sales process.

Even simple things, like creating blog posts on industry topics sharing your expertise and insight, will give you something really relevant to share on your social media channels. In doing so, a point of interest for prospective customers is also provided, which could mean more leads from your website.


One side effect of increased leads is, of course, business growth. By embracing marketing, small businesses can ‘future-proof’ themselves within the changing market. Customers demand change, and marketing plays a huge role in ensuring that you, as a business, are providing solutions to those needs.

Online helps offline

Offline activity is still an important part of doing business, but by embracing online marketing tools, you could find yourself with an enhanced offline strategy. There is still huge value in putting yourself forward for industry talks and attending events, but tools like social media help to expand your reach even further and give you better and more efficient ways to keep in touch with people you meet through non-invasive marketing activity – reminding them of your business and its value to the world.

The list of benefits outweighs the hassle

More prospective customers, a better-rounded marketing strategy, and a measurable impact on your business activities are just some of the benefits. SMEs need to make time for marketing and learning how to do it properly if they want to see an impact and reap the business benefits.

A year from now, you’ll wish you started today!

Keren Lerner, Founder and Managing Director, Top Left Design.