5 fantastic team building activities for your company

When it comes to team building, nothing is better than getting out in nature with your colleagues and being challenged by the difficulties that Mother Nature can throw at you. There are so many different activities that are perfect for team building days and that are designed  to make people work well together

If you want to get your staff out into the great outdoors for some fun filled team bonding activities, then you may want to look into these big five suggested by Adventure Britain:

1. Canyoning

This high adrenaline activity is a fantastic way to ensure that everyone lets loose and enjoys themselves, while relying on others and building trusting relationships. For the large part this is a solo adventure, as you are pushing your own limits but with so much adrenaline flying around people always form a close bond over this activity.

Some aspects of this activity will require some careful planning and communication, which can help to form open communication relationships that can make your business run much smoother.

2. Mountaineering

Like climbing a mountain, but with a little bit more adventure quite a lot more thrill and a whole lot of coordinating. You’ll need to work together in order to find the best possible route up the mountain, someone will need to display leadership skills when navigating and continuous communication is needed to ensure nobody gets lost or left behind.

Depending on the mountain you’re ascending, ExpedReview go into great detail by providing ratings, pricing and reviews of the worlds most popular mountains. Sections could require serious team work in order to scale cliff faces or even carry various camping supplies. Coming out of this, your team will have a much better understanding of how each other works and the best ways to cooperate to achieve a result.

3. Mountain Biking 

This could be a fantastic high adrenaline day out, or simply a way to get your team out in nature to enjoy the surroundings and have a laugh together. The team will have to work together well to maintain a pace that everyone is comfortable with, while pushing themselves to ensure that everyone has a fun day.

By working together closely and sharing laughs, hoots and hollers, mountain biking is a great way to forge friendships that can be instrumental in a smooth running, productive office environment.

4. Rock Climbing 

Nothing tests the strength of relationships and builds trust faster than putting your safety in the hands of another person. Rock climbing requires great communication, trust and coordination between partners, forcing people to work together in order to get over the obstacle in front of them. Provided that nobody has a fear of heights and everyone is reasonably fit, this is probably one of the best activities for cementing new relationships and building a strong foundation.

5. Paintballing 

Nothing says team bonding more than loading up a gun with small, hard balls of paint and plastering your co-workers with it. You can have department wars, helping the teams within your organisation form closer bonds, while creating a fun and healthy rivalry in the process. Alternatively, you could create random teams to give people who wouldn’t normally interact a chance to work together.

This is definitely one of the most fun versions of team bonding available and with so many game varieties available, you can ensure that your staff work together in order to achieve a common goal through strategic thinking and open communication.