Tesco Bank lets students keep cash after ATM glitch saw people getting double withdrawals


An ATM in a residential area of the city began dishing out double the money that was requested for withdrawal.

CityAm reports that hundreds of students queued for hours to grab cash from the generous machine, meaning many parents may have received decent Christmas presents this year after all.

The “miracle ATM” (as described by one local) was caused by a human error. Apparently the person who was supposed to fill the cash machine outside a Tesco Express store mistakenly put all of the £10 notes where the fivers should have gone. You had ONE JOB…

Now Tesco Bank, to its credit, has announced that it is giving those who made the pilgrimage to its ATM a pardon; those who withdrew from the machine will only be charged for the amount they initially requested.

A spokesperson for the bank said: “instances like this do happen from time to time, and are relatively few and far between”.

Sadly, Tesco wouldn’t elaborate on this or whether it’s had penniless students swarming to its cash points before.

Tesco wouldn’t say how much the mix-up cost the firm, but we can’t imagine it was more than a few thousand pounds.

Image: JuliusKielaitis / Shutterstock.com