Philip Hammond calls for maximum trade access to EU for the UK after Brexit

Philip Hammond

He said he thinks there is a “shared ambition to get to an end state arrangement that will mean maximising the reciprocal access to each other’s markets,” while speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum at Davos, City AM reports.

Other highlights:

Hammond wishes to end the period of divisiveness of the referendum campaign. He wishes to “move from a period when we’ve been in our separate silos hurling verbal rocks and avoiding the real issue.”

He said he wants to give clarity to business, saying: “Business clearly dislikes uncertainty. The consistent message we get from business is ‘Give us clarity’.”

There will be no restriction on highly skilled workers coming to the UK. He said: “There’s no system that I can conceive of that would be intended or designed to cut off the flow of highly skilled, highly paid people.”

Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti accused former UK Prime Minister David Cameron of putting “his country and the whole of Europe on the line” for domestic political reasons. He used tactics of ““Damaging its [the EU’s] reputation, by making the situation confusing,” Monti said.