Nearly a third of MPs have claimed unemployment benefits, new study reveals


Nearly a third of MPs have claimed unemployment benefits, while almost three quarters have claimed welfare support at some stage.

The survey, published by City AM, of around 100 politicians found that only 26 per cent of MPs had never claimed any form of welfare support. Child benefit is the most commonly claimed, with over half of politicians seeking support, while 29 per cent say they have claimed jobseekers allowance at some point.

Labour MPs were twice as likely to claim working tax credit as their Conservative counterparts, with 16 per cent of Labour ministers doing so, and are also four times more likely to have claimed statutory sick pay, according to personal finance charity Turn2us.

The findings showed that the vast majority of MPs from all parties had claimed some form of benefits. Around 65 per cent of Conservatives MPs said they have claimed some kind of financial support, while only 21 per cent of Labour and a quarter of SNP ministers said they have never claimed benefits.

Simon Hopkins, chief executive of Turn2us, said: “Our research really reinforces that absolutely anyone could find themselves in need of support.”