Zipcar announces £7,000 package for London businesses ahead of ULEZ launch

Zipcar van

Zipcar UK promises match funding for London businesses planning to scrap their diesel vans as part of Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme, and offers ‘free for life’ business accounts

Zipcar UK is helping the GLA / TfL to offer a bespoke package to London businesses to support them in the roll-out of the Mayor of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in March 2019. The package will:

  • Provide match funding for businesses planning to scrap their diesel vans as part of the Mayor’s diesel scrappage scheme, which is worth up to £7,000 and equates to over 1,400 hours of driving with Zipcar UK in a car Monday to Friday, or 700 hours in a van
  • Offer ‘free for life’ Zipcar UK business accounts worth £99 a year

Zipcar UK’s package will be available to eligible businesses who have been approved by TfL’s scrappage scheme, whereby TfL will be offering up to £3,500 per vehicle scrapped.

How it will work

  • Once approved by TfL businesses can register for a Zipcar for Business account via
  • They will be contacted by the Zipcar UK team to create their ‘free for life’ account and discuss the best way for their business to use the Zipcar service.
  • Zipcar UK will then match fund up to a total of £3,500 of any credit the business chooses to add to their new account using the scrappage allowance

Zipcar UK has helped TfL to develop this bold and generous package to enable businesses to take the first step in moving away from private van ownership.

Jonathan Hampson, General Manager for Zipcar UK, says: “At Zipcar UK we support the roll-out of ULEZ, but we believe it needs to be delivered in a way that doesn’t disadvantage those who can least afford it, like small businesses for example.

“That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we’re supporting the Mayor’s diesel van scrappage scheme with a financial support package for businesses in partnership with the GLA / TfL. That way Zipcar UK can help enable this transition to ULEZ by giving businesses access to fully compliant vehicles that meet their van needs without needing to purchase or lease new vans.

“Hopefully it will also help tip the balance in favour of vehicle sharing rather than vehicle owning, which we believe is the way forward for London. We already work with 14,000 businesses in the UK and hope to partner with and support many more over the coming months. “

For more information and details of how to sign up to these packages please visit and TfL.